Saturday, January 27, 2018


For the first time in a long time I chose not to attend the TNNA Winter Market.  So like the rest of you, I am looking forward to seeing the shared pictures of the new designs out there for us to consider.  If you see something that you strongly feel should be added toe Online Mystery Classes be sure to email me at

I have been enjoying stitching on upcoming class lessons (that looks like a lot of 'ing' words).  I just wish I could stitch faster and had more arms to do so!  Oh well I am most grateful for what I have.

Next new class on schedule is the Snow Happy Trio from Love You More.  This cutie has the first class scheduled to be posted mid-February.

Invoices for the upcoming class are being processed.  The shop is currently preparing thread/embellishment kits and/or canvases for those who asked for assistance, and polishing of the first class is in process.  Such anticipation!

Another time consuming event for me right now is working on upcoming class proposals.  Several are due or coming up soon.  I'm currently working on the one for ANG National Seminar in Houston 2019.  I'll share more with that later.

Bad weather is supposed to be returning to our area so I am not excited!  I'll just bury myself in m stitching and pretend it is not there.

Until next week remember to Stitch with a Smile!

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