Saturday, August 19, 2017


Oh my!  I am so tickled with my Uncle Sam the exclusive from Pepperberry Designs.

I love this guy! This is the next scheduled piece in the QUICKIE SERIES!  I think he is wonderful and fits right in with the previous QUICKIE pieces that we have done - the USA Star and the Eagle Star.  The first class for this design will be in the next couple of weeks.  If you want to join us just send me an email to and we'll get you included in the participating group.  As stated previously, the all-inclusive class (handpainted canvas, threads/embellishments, 2 lessons in pdf format and shipping/handling) is $135.00. Limited number of kits.


Gosh, it seems like we are just whizzing through these works in progress.  Everyone is doing great and I am having a ball.

Time to say goodbye to Menorah.

What a plethora of stitches, techniques and threads!  I so enjoyed this class and my students.  Such great questions and I am hopeful that they learned some new somethings.  The stitches were easily adapted to the individual canvases that Tapestry Fair also markets.  Check it out with your LNS.  Before long we will be sharing a commercial stitch guide - after I get through cutting out all the tutorials and WIP pictures that come with the lessons for the  Online Mystery Classes.

Session 4 on Songbirds

Danji's canvas of the Songbirds gives us room to play with a particular technique.  This current bird let us add a stitch for the wing that showed some downward movement.  Plus we had fun giving the head different features.  And, of course, don't forget the beading.

Session 2 on Cupcakes

These are so much fun and entertaining.  Yes entertaining!  I get myself into all sorts of shapes working these guys - I turn sideways, upside down.  I wonder about myself sometimes. Here's one of my favorites of the grouping so far.  Although I liked the green swirls of the first lesson too, and I liked the . . . , and, and, and

We played with ribbon roses and a scalloped buttonhole technique on this design from BB Needlepoint.  And, well what do you know - beads.

Steampunk Cat got his Session 1 posted this past week.

We did lots of background work including the moon and the sky.

Lots to do on this guy!  Phew!

Guess who is up next?  Santa Ornament Wreath!  Just look at all this stuff!

We are going to work with so many fun threads and embellishments.  Did I say beads?  Shiny!  Metallic!  Fuzzy!  Oh my!  If you have not yet joined us do so right away.  Invoices are being processed for the lesson fee.  Get your canvas from your LNS right away.  If you need assistance contact us and we will see that you get what you need.  email  Invoices for the thread/embellishment kits will be processed shortly.  Those who indicated a need will receive an email with more details.

Did you see the new design from JP Designs?  Oh my gosh!  We just have to add this to our Catitudes and Dog Gone Good series.  2018 is already filled with so much excitement for me!  I love colorful, happy canvases!

Every Bunny Needs Some Bunny Sometime!  Love it!  The design is 11" x 14.5" on 13 mesh canvas. So happy and colorful too!  These guy will fit right in with the other two sets of critters.  This class will likely be late summer after Catitudes and Dog Gone Good.  Email me if you'd like to join in and participate in the class -

CATITUDES is scheduled to begin mid-March with invoicing around the first of February.

DOG GONE GOOD is scheduled to begin mid-May with lesson invoicing around the first of April.


I am sharing a teaching pdf that I use illustrating how to execute a bullion knot.  I feel strongly that the success of a bullion knot lies in the needle being used.  We are fortunate that Colonial Needles has expanded on the traditional needle used in Brazilian embroidery and added a blunt end as well as a larger eye.  Much easier to use in our needlepoint projects.

ENJOY and have a great week with some fantastic stitching - which you should do with a smile!

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