Monday, December 12, 2016

Copied from my Facebook Page for those who missed it:

December 4, 2016

'My heart is full! (This is going to be long) Those of us who needlepoint long to realize that our hours of work and love that go into our work will be appreciated. Well, over 25 years ago I started making ornaments for our two granddaughters. I made them one every year. I tried to make it relate to events of the year. Each was gift wrapped, the year noted on the gift tag, and the gift put away in a box. They were never aware of this practice.(Once the younger one - being more inquisitive - ran upon the box in an upstairs closet and informed me that I forgot to give them some gifts- she was young enough that I was able to hedge around it and managed to hide them in a better place next time.) I had told my daughter about them and let her know that someday I wanted the girls to have them. My thoughts were for when they married. Problem was when one married that meant it spoilt the surprise for the other. So, instead I decided to give them a huge box one year at Christmas after they graduated. They were old enough to appreciate and realize what they had. They very lovingly and patiently opened each gift box and really looked at their gift - not just hurriedly moved on to the next - very precious to me. All ornaments were handmade by me except one. The year my Mother passed, their Great-Grandmother, I wrapped an ornament that she had made so they each would have one. Oh, I also placed notes in some of the gifts explaining the ornaments such as the one from my Mother, one that included a picture of them in special Christmas outfits that their Aunt Teresa made for them and had them photographed and the material was also used in the ornament for that year, etc. 

Well, where this is going? My granddaughters are now mothers this year. The older granddaughter shared the picture below of my great-granddaughter hanging one of my ornaments.(Some of you may recognize this as my Silver and Pearls class that I taught for several years including at ANG Seminar - I'm sure this does not mean anything to my Granddaughter I just thought it was extra special). My younger granddaughter shared a picture of her tree and her unpacking her box of ornaments.
So, I have to wonder no longer. My work is in good hands and is being enjoyed. I LOVE IT!'

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