Saturday, August 13, 2016

Our next Online Mystery Class - Robin's Wreath from Melissa Prince - is in full swing!

Invoices have been mailed and are being processed.  If you did not get yours and you think you are signed up for this class, please notify me right away so we can get you in to the secret Facebook page and you can be gathering your supplies!

First lesson will be posted on/or about September 15!  Just around the corner!

Also happening in a couple days is the posting of Lesson 2 of the fun Happy Haunted Grounds  from Eye Candy.  Lesson 1 gave us our background grasses and hills so we are ready to start adding another layer!

Whatever are we going to do next?

And once again we must say goodbye to a fun friend.  We will be posting the final lesson for a fun canvas from Melissa Shirley - Thanksgiving Critters!  We finished the squirrel last time.

Not much mystery as to who we will be working on next but there is a mystery in what we will be doing to him!

Several things are going on here at Arthur Acres.  I am preparing to get my suitcase packed for heading out to teaching three classes at the ANG Seminar to be held at New Orleans  It is going to be a special treat for me because I also plan to get to go to the John Stennis Space Museum and hopefully view my NASA Patch that I completed and my daughter's patch that she completed.  That will be so cool!

Registration is going on for the Cardinal Family class that I am teaching at STITCH  in Louisville, KY in October.  This is a Melissa Shirley canvas.  

The shop is taking sign ups for ghosts as well so come join us for the fun!  We'd love to have you.

And we are spreading our wings again and reintroducing the Needles 'N Fins cruises and tours.  We currently are accepting reservations for the upcoming Party on the Po which is a river cruise on the Po River in Italy.

This fun adventure will begin in Milan on October 19, 2017 and end on October 29, 2017 in Venice.  And there is a whole bunch of stuff in between!  Reception has been fantastic and we already have a great group of people joining us.  Everything in Italy is included - excursions, food, wine, drinks, and - get this - even gratuities! Oh!  Did I mention wine?  Can't beat that! To see more details go visit our sister blog at .  There you will be able to read the flyer and see what great excursions we are planning. 

In addition, I am designing an optional cruise specific piece to teach on this trip as well as some fun ornaments!  Stay tuned to see those develop.

BULLETIN:  The cruise line has advertised a special of FREE AIRFARE on this cruise for those making reservations by August 20 - clock is ticking on this one!  So what are you waiting for?  Come along and play with us - this time in Italy!

Also, a little bird told me that Liz, our agent is putting the final touches on our land tour going to Boston tentatively in late June 2017.  Local classes are on the agenda and we will hop over to the Cape Cod area as well. Stay tuned for that one as well.

Okay, I'm tired now!  Gotta go stitch, or paint, or draw, or tape - - - - - -

Have a great weekend!