Saturday, August 20, 2016


We have been advised that all is well in New Orleans and plans are moving forward.  This time next week I should have everything ready to get onboard a plane Sunday!  Wow.  It is really, really scary how fast time is going. I am teaching three fun classes and I have a surprise for my students in one of them!  YAY!  I love surprises!

Be sure to visit the Exhibit if you are in the area.  So many beautiful pieces and hours and hours of lovely stitching is shared for us to enjoy!

Registration is still active for our next Online Mystery Class - Robin's Wreath by Melissa Prince.  And we might even be able to help you find a shop that has a canvas in stock. Several shops are happy to prepare thread lists for you as well.  You just need to give them the thread list.

I know he is beautiful but oh my gosh I am loving it more and more with each new set of stitches and threads that I add!  If you would like to join us just email me at

Active registration is also going on for the last Online Mystery class of 2016 which is this delightful Santa's Rewards by Devon Nicholson.

There is so much potential in this design.  I have to contain myself to not 'overdo' it!  I see this and I see that, but wait wonder how this would work, no, how about that?  Oh well, you just must come join us and see how he develops!  Email if interested to  First lesson November 15, 2016.

In a few weeks I will be sharing with you the lineup for 2017!  So exciting!  You don't want to miss out on that one.

The big buzz right now is the upcoming PARTY ON THE PO!   hosted by Needles 'N Fins!  

We already have 20% occupancy of the boat!  Isn't that fun?  The trip is October 19-29, 2017 - Milan - Venice with gobs of stuff in between.  Heck we're even going to work in some stitching - somehow! If you would like to join the secret Facebook page of Needles'N Fins for general information on all our travel plans just send me an email and I'll be happy to send you an invitation -  The secret Facebook page PARTY ON THE PO is reserved for those who are actually taking the trip!  I'm working on some optional designs and gathering designs from some of my favorite designers to share with those who might be interested.

And, hopefully later this week we will be announcing our land tour that will be Boston-Cape Cod in early June for those landlubbers who also like to stitch.  We will visit two needlepoint shops and have classes indicative to both areas!

So, stay tuned!  You don't want to miss anything!


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