Saturday, May 11, 2019

May is in full force and moving forward at a great pace!

I am flying home today so not much to share with you.

Had a wonderful time in FL with my daughter and friends.  I managed to do my walk every day.  Reluctantly I might add!  My daughter is a pusher when it came to getting our walk in.  In fact one day Disney park hosted a Run for Fun at the Old Key West resort and for some reason daughter seemed to think we needed to participate.

Afterwards we had planned to spend the day visiting the local needlepoint shops.

Our first shop was The Black Sheep.  Anne and her staff were so welcoming and made us feel right at home.  Just mention a thread and they were right on it.  The shop is lovely and has lots of fun selections of canvases and great threads.

Unfortunately Anne is the one taking the picture so she is not present.  Teresa is missing because she was dropped off at the outlet mall to get in a little more shopping.  Stay tuned for details of an upcoming fun class at The Black Sheep.  Hoping to get a June date in 2020.

Next we visited Needle Orts.  Again Debby and her staff were delightful.  Lots of fun stuff here as well.  We didn't get a photo at this shop. We had some excitement watching them open their new shipments and seeing the fun things as they opened them.  Always like Christmas!  

Be sure to stop in each of these fabulous shops when you are in the area. 

Next week will be time for the Sessions of the Online Mystery Classes.  Guess who is behind?

We are starting to get the ornament stands for the Butterfly Series designs and will be notifying each of you in the order we received your requests.  Stay tuned for that.  After these stands we should start hearing about the wonderful trays too so hang in there.  Remember they are all hand painted and take time.

We are off again this coming week.  We are heading to Stitch-Stash in DE to teach two classes.  You can sign up to ghost them if you are not in the area.  Give Patti a call and she will fix you up!

Cruising and Stitching!

If you have any interest in following our cruise stitching adventures be sure to join our Facebook Page - Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures.  We have general discussions on this site and explore suggestions for upcoming stitching adventures.  Currently we have a Mediterranean lass looking for a roommate so if you are contemplating the journey check in with our agent Liz at

Until next week enjoy your days as you are blessed with each and every one of them.

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