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As we prepare to post the upcoming Lessons for the Online Mystery Classes in three more days, I just wanted to bring you up to 'snuff' on where we are on other items as well.

We will be  introducing Steampunk Cat from Brenda Stofft as our next new Mystery.

As is pretty much typical for me, I try to start with the background first and get all that in place for a foundation upon which to build and stitch all our other fun stuff.  So, Session 1 included the moon, sky, some hills, etc.  You may still join if you would like to do so.  Just email me at  The first lesson will be posted Tuesday, August 15.

Lesson 2 for the QUICKIE SERIES - We must bid farewell to our Eagle Star from Raymond Crawford.  Lesson 2 has been distributed.  If you did not receive your complete kit or the lesson please contact me right away.  You may still participate in this class as well if you desire.  Email me at The full kit is $125.

Next up, as promised is Uncle Sam, an exclusive from Pepperberry Designs.  He is so fun too.  (I know I use the word 'fun' a lot, but that is what I do - I have fun!  If not, I try to avoid it.  Life is far to short to waste it on something unenjoyable.)

Watch for the finished picture in the next day or two.  This class is $135 all-inclusive.  The first lesson will be mailed around the first part of September if not sooner.  If you would like to participate just email me at  This is the last picture you will see of the unstitched canvas! (hopefully!). He is being finished, finished as we speak.

Coming soon

Santa Ornament Wreath  from Raymond Crawford is slated to begin September 15.

It doesn't seem possible that this guy is up next!  WOW! I love these canvases that provide opportunities to try several techniques, threads and stitches and not consume your life doing them!  Invoicing is currently going on.  So still plenty of time to join us.  If you think you registered for this class and did not get an invoice, please email me right away at and we'll get you in there. Or, if you have a burning desire to join us, there is still plenty of time.  Get that canvas ordered from your LNS.  If you need assistance contact me and we will help!  We also have a thread/embellishment kit option available for those who might need it.  We are having the kits prepared as we speak!  Just email for details at

Nutty Professor

As you may recall, this guy is the 'No Stress, No Schedule, No Deadlines, etc., etc.' class.  I am currently stitching the first Session and will be sharing that soon.

The canvas is by JP Needlepoint.  Get it ordered right away from your LNS.  Let me know if you need assistance and we'll track one down for you.  Lesson packets have been invoiced and processed.  If you did not receive and think you jointed, just email me as above.

New Additions:

We are working on the new Reindeer designs from Raymond Crawford to include in our upcoming Online Mystery Classes!

The criteria may be a little different from the normal sessions.  I am thinking of possibly doing 4 sessions at every other month but a little more in depth. Also, I want to squeeze them in beginning around January possibly.

Stay tuned for details as they develop!

Tips to Treasure 
(or not - lol)

Compensation!  So many hate the word much less the process.  I tend to approach compensation as a simple matter.  Look where you need to go from where you are to do a particular stitch,  then cut it off where you are required to stop on the canvas.  It is not always going to be a beautiful line depending on the technique, etc.  But, it will be a necessary line to stay true to the design.

To assist in demonstrating compensation, create a shape that needs to be filled with stitching. For our purposes we are using a heart.  (Notice this is rather angular but we'll deal with that later.) 

It is obvious that these full stitches would not give the end results that might be desired for this piece. It would create a very ragged heart shape.

What to do?


Let’s examine the stitches that cross over our heart shape and see how we can mitigate the damages.

The red portions shown are illustrating where the stitch should actually end.   But how do you accomplish this and still have the thread laying in the desired direction?

My method is to begin the stitch execution as it would be without considering compensation. Look at the top right corner of the heart shape for instance. The next stitch calls for a diagonal Gobelin over 2 canvas threads moving from lower left to upper right. Bring the needle up at the bottom left corner as if to execute the full stitch (where the red is). Now lay the thread on top the canvas and hold it in place as to where the full stitch would go to the back if there were space to do so.  This process allows the thread to lay the way the stitch normally should and it passes over the area where the stitch needs to end.  You can now see that you need to plunge your needle at the outline where the red stops and have the stitch laying properly.  The compensated stitch is in place.

Look slightly to the left of the stitch just discussed.  Now the stitch calls for a diagonal Gobelin stitch but facing in the opposite direction of the ones just executed. You do not want to just stick a tent stitch in there going from left to right , that would have the stitch going in the wrong direction – you need the stitch to lay from right to left.  Again, bring the thread to the front as if stitching the normal full diagonal Gobelin stitch.  Lay the thread across the top and hold in place.  Plunge the needle down where the design line stops – the little red marks.

This altered illustration shows how the heart would look if stitched within the outlined area.  When doing the actual stitch some adjustments may be made to make the area more appealing to the eye.   As an example, the original heart shape was very angular.  Notice that an adjustment was made in the upper right section of the heart and full stitches were used in place of those that were originally going to be compensated (the second heart with red lines).This resulted in a more rounded and pleasing shape.

Hopefully, this exercise will assist in at least getting the stitches in the proper position for compensation.  Design area and personal choice will dictate the actual stitch length, etc.

Have a great weekend and remember to Stitch with a Smile!


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