Saturday, July 15, 2017


Whatever does that mean you say?  Well those of you who participate in any of my Online Mystery Classes know exactly what that means!  It means new lesson postings. I have been very fortunate in that I have not had to miss a posting in these years of hosting these classes.  I've had a few close calls but I don't think I have every let my students down.

Floating out there in cyberspace (isn't it wonderful that we have this capability) are the following:

Steampunk Fox - Session 6

This is another boo-hoo class.  We bid this dapper fellow adieu as he is now ready for the finisher - be he a picture, stand up, or whatever our fancy.

He was a lot of fun and we hope he provided some challenges, introduced new threads, and a trick or two.  

Menorah - Session 5

We finished two more candles on this gem for July.

Won't be long until this piece is completed!

Songbirds - Session 3

Such colors in this magnificent piece from Danji of the Laurel Burch Songbirds. Even threw in a few crystals.

Cupcakes - Session 1

And when we bid one farewell, we get to welcome another.  So introducing Session 1 for the Cupcakes.

We focused on the border and 'baked' a couple of Cupcakes along the way.

So, as you can see we are busily stitching right along.  But, whatever is next in store you ask?

Why none other than STEAMPUNK CAT!  

Invoices have been mailed and are in the processing stage.  Participants are checking with their LNS to see if they have a canvas for them, and we are busily working on getting thread/embellishment kits for those who need them.  Remaining invoices will be processed for those next week. There is still time to join us.  Email me at for information and to get in the group!

   NOTE:  To see our scheduled Online Mystery Classes jump down to mid-December and there is a listing for the full year - although we did add a couple along the way.

And, never fear - we may even get a stitch or two out for our No Stress, No Schedule class, the Nutty Professor from JP Needlepoint - Love Juli's designs too!

Stay tuned in to see what we have in store for this fantastic guy!


The first of our Series - the USA Star - is now history.  Soon to be shipped are the kits for this fantastic breed - the Eagle Star by Raymond Crawford.

Clock is ticking so if you want to join the class you must notify me right away.  These classes are limited in number and when the kits are gone, they are gone.  Email me at to join in this fun class with a quick turnaround.  The all-inclusive kit is $125 - painted canvas, thread/embellishments, two lessons in pdf format and shipping.  We'd love to have you join us.  After the kits are distributed the first lesson will be published.

And . . . . registration is in full force on the next online QUICKIE - an exclusive from Pepperberry -  Uncle Sam. 

To be included on the notification list for this upcoming cutie, just email me at The all-inclusive exclusive kit is $135; hand-painted canvas, threads/embellishments, 2 lessons in pdf format and shipping/handling.  Always fun to work on this QUICKIES!

As many of you realize, the major cost of most classes is the canvas.  One of my goals for the QUICKIE SERIES is to try and keep the costs as reasonable as possible so more may join in the fun.  The second major cost is generally the thread.  Here I have a little control.  Keeping my goal in mind, I have been providing portions for certain threads instead of a full skein or card if appropriate.  For instance, if only 2 strands of a black thread is needed, that is all that I provide instead of creating a charge for a full skein or card.

A second goal of the QUICKIE SERIES is to find canvases that will provide the opportunity for a quick turnaround - thus 'quickie'.  I have gone gung-ho on the red-white-blue theme because there are so many occasions these can be used.

And my third goal is to try and find designs that are a little unique or that have not over-saturated the market as yet.  Some are fantastic standards that the designers have agreed to make a few changes on for our benefit.  Everyone has been wonderful to work with and are very gracious to try and accommodate what I ask them for. I try to introduce my students to some of the newer designers out there and to provide more exposure to those 'new kids (no matter the age) on the block' designers as well.

Also, as you generally can tell, I like happy, colorful designs.  I want you to have fun in the process of learning and I work very hard to try to keep everyone upbeat, even through a technique that some may have difficulty grasping at first.  We do not give up!  Not an option - LOL.

There is the challenge of what to do next, so keep those suggestions coming to me via email at We'd love to hear from your.

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