Saturday, June 24, 2017


Our first Quickie is history and hopefully I learned some things from the experience as well.  We did Raymond Crawford's USA Star.

I am super pleased with how it turned out.  My problem is me.  Yep - me!  In my haste to share with the participants I did a couple things wrong.  First I included the incorrect sized beads.  The stitch guide referred to the correct size but I grabbed the wrong ones.  So, that necessitated a second mailing - my cost of course - and the beads were not needed until the second session so no harm. Then, I decided that I needed a little more glitz so I added another Silk Lame` that was not in the original mailing.  So another mailing - my cost of course - again.   Then I learned that I accidentally sent the draft Session 2 instead of the correct one.  So that was corrected.  This just wasn't my week on this one.  So hopefully everyone is having smooth sailing on their end for this guy.  It was definitely worth all the headaches I caused myself!  You may still get this complete kit, you will just need to wait until the canvases get in.


Okay, I just had to share.  He was too cool to keep under wraps.

These guys are way too much fun - and quick!
       QUICK! - get it?  I know it does not take              much to entertain me.

If you want to join us for the QUICKIE Eagle Star from Raymond Crawford Designs, just email me at  Registration is going on now for this upcoming class.  The all-inclusive class - hand-painted canvas, threads and embellishments, two lesson packet sent via pdf  and shipping/handling is $125.  Classes will be starting sometime in July.

And whatever do we have in line after this fantastic guy?  Well, Uncle Sam of course!  Uncle Sam is an exclusive design from Pepperberry for our use in the QUICKIE SERIES.  He is approximately 4.25 x 5.25" in design area on 18ct. mono canvas.

Can't wait for him to join our other two patriotic ornaments.  Again, if you would like to be on the notification list just send email to and we'll keep you informed as specifics develop.   And . . . there are others on the horizon.

I have been busy finishing Captain Blackbeak's Wench canvas from JP Needlepoint.  This fun piece is being sent off for consideration as a class in an upcoming retreat.  Fingers crossed! She is jam packed with fun techniques and threads!

She is at the finishers so that she can be completed just like her 'fellow' .

Won't they be a lovely pair?

As stated last week, lessons are being posted as scheduled for the various classes that are in progress.

Creeping up quickly are some of the other exciting pieces!  If you are taking any of these classes be sure to get your canvas on order early.  We are available for assistance for those who do not have a local needlepoint shop.  

First lesson for Steampunk Cat is August 15.  Invoicing will be July 1st.  OMG the number of threads and embellishments this guy required from my perspective.  I think it is well over 50+ items.

Right behind him will be the fun Santa Ornament Wreath from Raymond Crawford Designs.
The first lesson is scheduled for September 15.  Invoicing will be August 1st.

November will bring on our first lesson for the Gingerbread House from Rebecca Wood.  Some had this lesson forwarded to them early so they could do some of the tedious background work.  Invoicing will be mailed October 1.

I love this picture!  It is so deceptively small in appearance - LOL. This guy is 33" long and 14" high. 

That pretty much does it for 2017.  And oh my - what a lineup we have for 2018:

Moon Gazer
Snow Happy Trio
Dog Gone Good

And sprinkled in between will be the Arctic Parade sessions, Nutty Professor Hooter and the Quickie Series.

Scroll down to last week's post for a reminder of upcoming Retreats too.

Email me with questions about any of the upcoming classes at  We would love to have you join us!

So, as you can see we don't have to worry about boredom at Arthur Acres.

Have a great weekend! It has been pouring the rain here!

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