Sunday, November 15, 2015


First I want to express my sincere sympathy for all those directly affected by the horrible events in Paris!  Words are so small but my heart is with you all.

Since I visited with you last I had the enjoyment of participating in a class conducted by Pat Sone - Melissa Shirley 'Citrons'.  This is a beautiful canvas and one that will work up quickly.  For those of you who may not know, as a Certified Senior Master Teacher through the American Needlepoint Guild we are required to keep up our CEUs so trying to work in a class can be a challenge to a busy schedule.  When we do, however, it is always a joy. Be sure to take advantage of participating in this class if you have the opportunity!

I haven't posted on Needlepoint Nation in awhile and I thought today would be a good day to do another recap.

We launched our new Online Mystery Class - Cats in a Dingy by Annie Lane today.

Cats in a Dingy - Annie Lane

As always, I see such fun happening on this canvas.  How can it not be a happy canvas with all those smiling fishes around?  Lesson One covered the background and the sun to get students warmed up.

We are well into our Easter Wreath and only have one lesson remaining.  We covered the bow and the background this time.  That leaves only the bunny but boy will he be a fantastic class! The last session is always a sad time for me, however, as I hate to let go.  

Beijing Butterflies is well on its way and we are mid-way through this piece.  It is going to be so elegant and beautiful when completed.

The online embellishment class - S.O.S. in Cyberspace - is also well on its way.  We will start sharing the third session this week for this class.

Current enrollment is active for the Online Mystery Class - Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories by Brenda Stofft.

Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories - Brenda Stofft

I think we kinda surprised Brenda with the popularity of this one so if you haven't yet ordered your canvas you may have to wait a little as it may not arrive until a few days after the first lesson.  Of course, there is a whole month between lessons so I don't see this as a problem.  This design has so much going on for us.  We'll be using such fun stuff as ribbons, beads, silks, cottons, straw silk, special egg beads, boucle`,  Fancy Fur, and on and on.  Be sure to join right away if you are still considering this class.  Just send me an email at and we'll get you enrolled.  The first lesson for this piece is scheduled for mid-January 2016  (holiday gift ideas perhaps ? ? ? ?)

Next on the agenda will be the second series of the S.O.S. in Cyberspace for those of you who missed the first go around and wanted to do the next one.  Registration is now open but the first session will not be posted until mid-February or mid-March.  Just email me to put you on the notification list so that you will not miss out on this one.  Also, some in the current grouping are wanting to re-up.  Note:  This class is limited to 15-20.  
S.O.S. in Cyberspace - Online Embellishing Class

I have so many exciting canvases to share with you that I can hardly contain myself.  They are so beautiful and we will be so busy.  You already know about the Melissa Shirley Thanksgiving (Autumn) Critters (mid-March 2016) and the fabulous Pillow Collage (mid-May 2016) but we have only scratched the surface. Be sure to get these canvases ordered right away! if you desire to have them for the first lesson.

Email me with any questions and we'll be glad to answer as best we can.

Have a great weekend in the meantime and remember to Stitch with a Smile!


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