Sunday, November 22, 2015


I continually am amazed at how quickly the Sundays (thankfully) come around.  It is crisp and cold here in Central Kentucky and I woke up to snow on the ground!  Not much, but snow is snow and it only means cold to me.  However, I am also fortunate to have a beautiful fire burning in the wonderful fireplace!

This past week has been quite 'unorganized' for a better word.  I am working on a model for the TNNA Market class that I will be teaching in San Diego this coming January and it is a struggle.  All my ideas aren't meshing as well as I had hoped and I have had to abandon some of my original thoughts.  Cost of materials is another consideration - at least the way I think it is.  So, I am trudging along getting my act together little by little.

I posted Lesson 4 for the Beijing Butterfly Online Mystery Class this week.  That does not seem possible that we are that far along!

Beijing Butterflies - Yellow  Butterfly

Only two more lessons to go and this beauty will be finished.

I also posted lesson 5 of Easter Wreath.  The beautiful bow.
Bow before sequins are added

Bow after sequins added as painted on canvas.

We only have one lesson left on this fun piece and it is a real climax!  We will be needle felting the bunny!  Can't wait to share that with my class.

Then we began a new Online Mystery Class - Cats in a Dinghy by Annie Lane.  

Our first lesson involved the background and the sun.  So fun to add the first stitches to a canvas.

Now we are gearing up to get ready for our next Online Mystery Class - Easter Rabbit with Morning Glories by Brenda Stofft.  

His first lesson will be posted mid-January 2016.  People are still registering and some have the canvas on their Christmas list - knowing that it won't arrive in time for the first lesson, but, hey, lessons are one month apart so there is no hurry.  If you are interested in this class just send me an email to and I can answer your questions.  You can also scroll down through older postings here and get all kinds of info.

My mind is buzzing with ideas for the other scheduled classes that are coming up:

Thanksgiving Critters by Melissa Shirley

Pillow Collage from the collection:

And we have another S.O.S. in Cyberspace scheduled; beautiful wreath from Melissa Prince, another Brenda Stofft Easter Rabbit; another Eye Candy fun piece; and on and on.  

If you have something special you would like for us to consider for an Online Mystery Class just let me know.  If you have a few friends to add we will automatically offer a class for a commitment of 5 students and then open to more to join us.

So, the fingers are very busy here and the needles are flying!  My assistants are even blowing smoke from their needles!  

Have a great weekend and more later - in the meanwhile remember to Stitch with a Smile.



Donnelle Anderson said...

Can't wait to do them all!!! You are one amazing lady and friend! Thanks for all you do and stay warm!

Donnelle Anderson said...

Can't wait to do them all!!! You are one amazing lady and friend! Thanks for all you do and stay warm!