Saturday, July 20, 2013

Designer's Desk is a Hostess with the Mostest Group!

Wow what a great four days I have just been treated to.  Pat Delp at Designer's Desk and her staff pull all stops to make the teacher queen!  What fantastic hospitality. What a great shop!  Three floors of heaven.  And, the basement is a 50% off area!

Angie rose to the top just like the perfect cream.  (She may not realize it since she can't understand my southern, but that was a compliment.)  Angie was a part-time student but she never removed her DD employee service cap.  Anyone needing anything from downstairs and she was on it.

Angie was also our official photographer so don't pick your nose or she might take a picture.  But what a great help the photos are that she takes of the techniques and results.  I appreciate that she said she would share because it is difficult to take pictures while stitching!

We had so much fun with so many interesting things.  I don't know what the favorite technique was.

Needle Felting on canvas - David's buffalo hump -

Nancy's beginning leaf on a Leigh Spookin' -

Kathryn's felted kitty -

Kathryn's reverse felted kitty

My felted squirrel for the shop with both techniques -

Then there were Sparkles applications - the miracle from Sundance -

Here's some of Kathryn's koi

Pat's waves

Beading with an attitude -

Missy's (queen of beading at Designer's Desk!) beaded brick pumpkin

Jeanne's dome self made

Tonya's Pony Mane -
Jeanne's sunflower center

Woven ribbon  elegance -

Nancy's pumpkin stem

Ruching -

Angie's hummingbird wings

Needleweaving -

Jeanne's flower petals

Stretching Flair -

Jeanne's Trillium petals

And lots more.  We did ribbon embroidery and needle painting.  We attached facets.  But more importantly we had fun as we stitched.  And, I hope we learned as we went.

We don't have pictures of the days that Angie was not there and I am sorry we don't.  Other cool things happened then too.

The biggest drawback seemed to be  that there was a hinderance of communication.  Seems that there was an issue with my Southern accent!  I don't have a Southern accent!  There must have been something in the air seeping over from Chicago because I understood me fine.  What's the problem with the word 'collar' with reference to a cat?  It goes around the neck - right?

Boring four days it was not.  Such a wide range of canvases.  We had a man with a manly canvas.  We did needle felting on a Southwest theme canvas that was the cool buffalo shown above. We had folksy and elegant.  We had whimsey and serious.  Little bit of everything.

Unfortunately, four days were gone before I knew it and there was so much more fun we could have had  Well as Scarlett might have said 'that's for another day.

Enjoy and stitch with a smile.



Angie Laube said...

My favorite line of the weekend, "What don't you understand about what I'm teaching you?"..I admire your talent! We look forward to your next visit!

Cassie, Nandra, Lauren said...

Sandy, you have way took much fun! And the results are fantastic.