Thursday, July 4, 2013

California Dreamin'

California Dreamin'

Wow!  What a whirlwind trip I just had and loved every minute of it!

Of course, I always seem to have some travel excitement.  Left Lexington at 6 am - or so I thought.  Got to the airport and they then decided to delay us for 3 hours and hubby had already left.  Good thing I had my stitching and love doing it.  Then we get on the plane and the captain decided that engine 1 was low on oil.  Had to call Dallas, get them to contact local contractor, then had to wait for him.  Finally after another hour on the plane we finally got air borne.

Get to Dallas, and of course, missed connection.  Reconnected and gate change.  That flight was delayed an hour but we got on a plane.  We taxi out and the captain informs us the power is gone so we have to taxi back to a different gate.  They try to fix it but decide that we will get a new plane.  Off we go.  Finally get new gate assignment.  Now we have to wait for a flight crew.  Finally get to Ontario, CA.

Needless to say, no time to go to hotel, freshen up, get class material together, etc. before evening workshop.  Poor chapter!  Point to Point at Huntington Beach, CA was so gracious and understanding.  Lynn Wilkinson and Nancy Cucci were there and it was helpful to see familiar faces.  The chapter had elected to create an Ribbon Angel Tassel.  Several managed to get them finished to take home.  It was fun but I was so disappointed that I could not have been more prepared prior to jumping right in.  On the bright side - I won the door prize.  Now, you know that I never win anything!

I was hosted in a 'guest house' and it was wonderful.  It was almost like being in a mini-gallery with all the needlepoint on display.

Got rested and ready to hit the road on Thursday.  Had a wonderful driver - Laurie McLellan (hope I spelled it right Laurie).  She was a wonderful tour guide.  We went everywhere.  I saw things that I can't even remember right now.  Some that did stick were Dodger Stadium so I took a pic for husband, and we drove the route of the Rose Parade.  How's that for fun stuff!  I think Laurie said I was on 5 freeways - yikes!Thank you Laurie for giving the great tour.

We met the gals from the Southern California Chapter EGA.  Had a great meal and then off to our meeting workshop.  This chapter chose to do a beginning Temari ball.  It was great fun!  Such a wonderful group of ladies to put up with me!  There was a gentleman but he left - smart man.

Carole became my designated driver to get me back to my hotel. Thank you Carole.  I get rested up for the 3-day class of the Witch.

We had a large class (mostly ghosts) but the f-2-f group was a fantastic bunch.  We sure were able to get a lot of stitching done.  Pat Correz managed to line up wonderful lunch spots.  And, we always managed to get dessert as well.  At dinner we managed to have a dessert to take back to the hotel - LOL.

We discovered a Hobby Lobby and Sharon Q. took us to a fantastic bead shop after class  

Pat picked me up my last day and took me to the Mission Inn for lunch.  What a treat!  The place is unbelievable.  The food, the clock, the little ins and outs, the macaws, the art work, the carpet with the California Missions, and on an on.  She got me a brochure to bring home and I have delighted in reading it and learning even more about what I saw while it was still fresh in my mind.

That night I had dinner with the San Bernardino Chapter and presented their program.  Arrived at the meeting room to learn that the room had overbooked so Pat works her wonderous miracles and we had our workshop in the hotel lobby!  The program was on Beading for Needlework which is a lecture introduction to the class I am teaching at ANG Chicago Seminar in 2014.  This was a large group and a bunch of fun. I had to have the hotel clerk make extra copies of the handouts - what a great problem to have. They were good about asking questions and interjecting comments.  We even had some hotel guests try to join in the fun.  And guess what?  I again won a door prize!  This time I had them redraw because I happened to have the book and I had no room in the suitcase.

I cannot thank Pat enough for her smooth handling of some challenging situations!  I think we were a good pair!  Thank you Pat!

Next morning off to the airport.  Leave Ontario on time and without any delays.  Can't say the same of Dallas.  Three gate changes and delays get me home eventually, safe and sound.  Can't say the same for my luggage.  It arrived the next day!

In spite of all the gliches, I met some very lovely ladies and had a great time.  You know me, I always have a great time and hope my students do as well.

Have a great 4th and until next time,

Stitch with a Smile!


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I'm tired just from reading how busy you were. And, it sounds like you have a great attitude for traveling! Melita