Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Whimsies

Good morning all.  Our thoughts and prayers to all those who are faced with the terrible weather being experienced in several parts of our country and to all those who are related and sharing the burden.

Today I will share with you the Barred Cross stitch.
Barred Cross Stitch

This is not a delicate stitch.  It is made up of three layers of stitching:  the foundation cross stitch, a row of vertical Gobelin stitches and a row of horizontal Gobelin stitches.  It is a good stitch when one is seeking some dimension to a piece.  Notice that this is not a woven stitch.  It is a layered stitch.

The stitch may be altered and reverse the direction of the Gobelin stitches, as shown on the bottom row of my sample card.  It may be offset to add a different interest.  These variations could result in great patios, cobblestone paths, stone walls, chimneys, tops of fence posts, etc.  What about a 'pillow' quilt?  Use your imagination and share with others.

Until next time, enjoy and be sure to visit the Yahoo Group and add pictures of your sample.

Stitch with a Smile.


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