Saturday, May 18, 2013

TNNA Class for Columbus No. 2

Done!  Isn't this a cute family of Quail from Sundance Designs?  I will be teaching this class Thursday afternoon, June 20, beginning at 12:00 noon until 6:00 pm.


 This sweet canvas is 10" x 10" with a design area of 8x8.  (Erroneously shown in catalog as 12"x12").  A wide variety of threads and stitches are provided:  Burmilana, Caron Impressions, High Cotton, Pepper Pot Silk, Planet Earth Silk, Rainbow Gallery, River Silks and beads from Sundance.

We will do an interesting open background.  The quail has a variety of stitches to emphasize different parts of the body.  Flowers add great color and the grasses are wonderful in both Burmilana and River Silks silk ribbon.  And look at those dimensional flowers from Sundance!  What fun!

Come join me for this class on Thursday night - TT201.  Register now!


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