Saturday, October 24, 2020


Do you know what today is?  It is the first day of the very first Virtual Trade Show.  Needlepointers do not let corona virus rule!  This is a new adventure for exhibitors, buyers and organizers all so we are learning as we go.

For my booth, you the customer, may go see exactly what the buyer sees as available.  From there you contact the LNS and ask them to order for you.  If it happens to be in stock it will be shipped right away.  If it is not - of course there will be that wonderful wait period we are all learning.

So, hop over to our webpage - - and peruse the offerings - and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Needless to say, we will be quite tied-up for the next 3 days so please be patient with all involved and have fun!


 TWO BY TWO - Strictly Christmas

Noah's Ark Theme

Is this too cute or what?  I am so excited to begin playing on this design.  

This canvas design is approximately 10.5 x 13.5 and has such an impact on the subject.  Every little animal has space to be showcased! What an heirloom you will be creating!  

We plan to work on this cutie for 8 sessions.  We will begin mid-January 2021.  This will allow you to get the piece done in plenty of time for Christmas if desired.  Additionally we may see if we can double up on a couple of lessons and share 2 lessons in one month and do this twice. The 8 lesson cost is $200.  Email us right away to get in the class!

The more you look at this canvas the more you see.  We'll point out a few highlights each week.  Today let's look at these so sweet cows. Whatever will we do with this fabulous pair?  You'll find out soon enough.

If you would like to play with us on this design drop us an email at so we can add you to the class list and invoice you accordingly.  Also, order your canvas right away from your LNS.  If you don't have a LNS and need assistance just email us and ask that we provide contact information to shop that is kitting the class for us.

Don't have any little ones but would love to experience the fun we are going to have?  Consider donating to a children's ward at a hospital, church nursery, day care facility - numerous opportunities!

Lovable Llamas are being shipped bit by bit.  How exciting.  We will plan to proceed with beginning the first class session of this wonderful guy mid-November!  Stay tuned!

Also don't forget registration is ongoing for Raymond Crawford's American Train series!

Ok - gotta go!  Wish me luck.

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