Saturday, September 5, 2020


Wonder how many of you thought back in March that we would still be in the same corona virus scenario this far down the road?  Amazing isn't it?

We are starting to get a whiff of autumn in little spurts here in Central Kentucky.  Seems it is cooling off tremendously between high noon and early evening.  But then again, we are in Central Kentucky in another day it might be a scorcher or pouring down the rain.

Today, however, was a perfect day.  The weather was wonderful and allowed us to have a very rare family get together. A small miracle as well getting everyone together in this small window of time.  We are so blessed and proud of our family.  Wish we could do this more often.  


I finished the Lovable Llama model for our online class and I am so pleased! This design is from Gayla Elliott. He materialized just as I had him pictured in my mind!  As I said last week I have decided to step out of the box and share a photograph of the finished piece instead of waiting until the end of the 6 session classes.  You still have the stitch mystery each month but I just knew that you would want to see him if you were on the fence about making the plunge of joining us.  We have a fun group signed up for this one. Many are repeaters and it is fun to see that there are also several new ones in the mix.    

Just email us at if you wish to stitch with us. The 6-session packet of lessons is a total of $150.  We post one lesson each month about mid-month.  Once we get word that most shops have the canvases in stock so they can service you we will reset the date for this handsome guy.

Canvases also arrived for this cute guy - Spring Welcome from PLDesigns.

THIS CLASS SIZE IS VERY LIMITED DUE TO NUMBER OF CANVASES AVAILABLE.  Class spots will be distributed by a first pay-first stay method.  Those on the notification list will receive an email advising of pricing options and when invoice is mailed.

 Dog Gone Good - I cannot find my note on who wanted the 18ct Dog Gone Good canvas.  Email me if it was you as I have located one.

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures - Private FB for our stitching and traveling friends

Exciting news on the home front!  The exclusive Hawaii optional project canvases arrived!  I cannot wait to begin stitching.  It takes so little to excite me!  And - No - I do not share the design until I have it stitched - looks so much more exciting with the threads, textures, sheens, etc.  Just hold on - coming soon!

Until next week stay safe and healthy!

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