Saturday, September 9, 2017


This past week spent with my sister has really pulled our riverboat stitching cruise to the forefront.  And it has made me realize how close we are to heading to Italy! Party on the Po is in full swing!

When we started planning this stitching cruise it seemed ages away.  Not so!  Lots to do in putting this together and I have loved every minute of it.

I have gotten everything in order to the point where I have been able to reclaim our guest bedroom.  Don't have any guests but have a bedroom in case.

Well, that's not entirely true.  I have now placed on the bed the suitcases that my husband and I will be taking to Italy.  I have a phobia about overweight luggage and things get kinda testy at my house when hubby starts packing 10 pairs of slacks and I need that space for my stitching and class stuff.  Really!

But once we are on the plane and there is no last minute adjustments I completely change.  It is what it is and we will have a fantastic time.

Special order ornaments have been shipped.

Custom ribbon tassel kits have been made and shipped.

We'll have fun with these  - lots of other combinations as well.

And the exclusive design for the optional class kit has been packaged and in the participants hands ready to mount on the stretcher bars and hit the ground - Italian ground that is - running!

I am going to love sharing these ideas with my students as we enjoy the surrounds of Italy - Oh the scenery, the music, the food, the gelato, the art, the history - and on and on - did I mention gelato?

But as we wind down one wonderful adventure, we begin work on the new.  

Check out our Stitching Down the Danube! trip scheduled for October 2018!  Join us at the Facebook page Needles ' N Fins for details as they develop.  Our Viking Travels agent will be sharing all the particulars on the voyage in Italy and will be offering up some early bird specials that we don't want to miss.  This riverboat is a little larger than the Countess we're taking down the Po but we will still have the wonderful calming journey of gliding down the river and the intimate setting that the smaller riverboats provide.  So personal!  Love it.

In the meanwhile, I'll work on the Online Mystery Class lessons that are scheduled to post next week!

Have a great week and keep all our friends in harm's way in our prayers and thoughts - Washington, Oregon, Montana, Texas, Florida - much, much going on placing many in danger.

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