Saturday, April 29, 2017


I could not resist the invitation to stitch at the Needlepoint in New England Retreat in Connecticut in April 2018 hosted by The Enriched Stitch.  Look at this wonderful Maggie piece that I call Winter Cardinal.  It is an exclusive for The Enriched Stitch and offers so much to explore!  I have ideas going crazy!  Take a look at this and other classes and consider coming to join us - April 27, 28, 29, 2018.  Go the and look under retreats - all the information is there. Of course, I would be thrilled if you decided to join me in stitching this wonderful guy.  Hmmmm, open stitches, stump work, thread painting, boucle`, straw silk, is there some place e I can add beads?, silks of all kinds, shiny, dull, texture, on and on - and I haven't even started stitching yet!


I cannot ignore these colorful, playful, happy new canvases from JP Needlepoint. They just make me smile and feel good! I am going to do them as some kind of Online Class just haven't totally decided what venue yet.  Let me know if one or both appeal to you and I'll just see where it leads.  Email me at


           Dog Gone Good                                                   

They have to be fun!  Look at all the colors, spaces, patterns - OH MY!
                                                         *.   *.   *.   *.   *

WELL, here we are at the end of another month - which means more new lessons will be posting soon.  Gosh Menorah is moving along at Lesson 3, Steampunk Fox is into Lesson 4 and the Large Easter Rabbit is into Lesson 5 - where, or where, has the time gone?  Additionally we will be posting the first lesson of Songbirds.

Songbirds - Danji
Everyone should have received their invoices for the class lessons at this point and those that have paid should have been invited to the secret Facebook Page where you will find the materials list.  Additionally those who inquired about full kits, thread kits, etc., you will be hearing from me and receiving invoices if applicable.  If you have not and think you have signed up for this class or asked for assistance with supplies please notify me right away at

This brings me to mention the next inline new Online Mystery Class - Cupcakes by BB Needlepoint.
It is never too early to get your canvas ordered.

We are branching out here and using some very unusual threads and techniques with which to tantalize you. I gotta make you a little crazy - right?  Hey, I even threw in some basketweave because we all know that all pieces should have a little basketweave so the eye can rest.  Ribbons, beads, textures beyond the moon, glitz, shine, metallics, oh well - that's enough right now.  As always check with your LNS to order your canvas and let us know if you need assistance.

Community Service Announcement:

Life got in the way and a participant in the Pillow Collage class has her canvas and threads up for sale.  Let me know if you are interested and we will arrange for you to communicate with each other.
No lessons are included with this transaction as they are only available through the secret FaceBook Group Class but can be purchased.  Just email with questions, etc.
                                                                           * * * * *
Have you been getting that annoying message "This app will not work with future versions of IOS.  The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility."  Well, if you have the Shapes App I and Shapes App II never fear - the developer is on it and you should not get a  hiccup when the transition occurs.

Don't have these apps yet?  Well get on it  - here are the direct links to my Apps for your convenience - all you have to do is hit - 'Pay" or 'Buy Now" - a very important step.  (You might have to copy and paste these links in case I have done something incorrectly in copying.)

So back to the grindstone - you know that needlepoint is work right?  I somehow can't convince my husband that this is a true statement!


Anonymous said...

Love your books, but I have an Android. Will you ever make available for us non-apple users? I'm sure there are loads of us out there. Thanks, Denise Hunt

Sandy Arthur said...

I am so sorry Denise. I know what you are saying. Unfortunately, the consultant did a market study and advised me to hold off as there were not enough out there to justify the costs. Since I am just an individual owner this is a very expensive endeavor for me - that is why I have not gone on and added the other 3 books to the App world. The other reason is this upgrade - which is very expensive for me because no one told me that I needed to have upgrades regularly so I'm catching up on 6 years of upgrades - ouch - nothing that shows on the user end but would have spread out the upgrade costs. Oh well. live and learn.

Thank you for supporting my books - who knows what the future will hold - maybe Apple will make it available to both -