Saturday, March 25, 2017


I understand that as we get older we tend to repeat ourselves.  However, some things need to be repeated!

I do not want you to miss the huge sale that Needle Nook of LaJolla is having on their Brenda Stofft trunk show! Remember we have several Brenda Stofft designs lined up for our upcoming Online Mystery Classes.

So, what's the big deal?  25% off!  That's the big deal.  And it applies to orders as well.  And the sale goes to the end of the month.  From my limited research this appears to be a fantastic deal for you.

If you are interested you need to go to their website and place the orders - no need to phone the shop. Easy peasy - right?

I had a fantastic week there and it was great, as usual, seeing friends from past retreats and meeting some new ones too.  The majority of attendees are repeaters as they get the first opportunity to sign up for the upcoming year due to loyalty, but a few newbies get to join the ranks too!  I had a couple students that were new to the retreat and some new to my class and some repeaters.  But one thing for sure that I did have and that was FUN.  Oh my gosh what a bunch!  Loved every minute of it!

    Last minute touch ups while getting ready for the masses.

Here we are busy at work.  Boy such concentration.  Looks like they are really into what they are doing! (Do not believe it for one minute!)

You need to really consider making this one of your 2018 Events!  Check it out - I bet while you are over there taking advantage of the great price on the Brenda Stofft canvases that you can find more info on the retreat for next year too.


The new QUICKIES classes are in full swing.  The first one scheduled for mid-Summer is the USA Stars from Raymond Crawford.

Invoices have been sent to those who have stated they want to participate in this first class.  The complete kit is $100 - canvas, threads, embellishments (if applicable), 2-lesson postings, and shipping.  If you think you have signed up and did not get an email and invoice, send me a note right away.  The class kits will be distributed on a first-come/first-served basis.  email at

These are quick little projects that you can carry in your purse or briefcase and stitch along as you have a few minutes in your day.  The first is a cut canvas of 9x9 with design area approximately 5x5. All techniques - whether 2 or 20 - will be covered in a 2-lesson posting in a secret Facebook page in a pdf format.  Come join us!


First up on this series is the Nutty Professor from JP Needlepoint - Isn't he fabulous!

This guy is going to be so much fun.  The concept of this class is that you will get a lesson when you get it - basically.

We hope to start early to mid-Summer.

And, our first lesson will begin at the bottom and work up.  So our first concentration will be on the wonderful Professor.                                                                

Oh my goodness!  Just look at him!

We will try to have thread/embellishment kits for those who need them.  The canvases are scheduled to arrive next week so we will have a better idea of what assistance we can provide.

If you have indicated an interest in this class you should have received an email from me this week providing more information concerning the canvas.  If you received no such email that means I do not have you listed as actively wanting to participate.  Please email me right away to correct this if necessary - email me at


Mercy!  I am having so much fun putting stuff together for this upcoming riverboat cruise!  October 19 will be here before we know it!  And I am sure that 50+ other people are just as excited as I am!

Kits have been ordered for the optional class and those who have paid should have received their kits by now.  Please let me know if you have not received yours by emailing me at  

Venice Memories

This limited time exclusive design is on a 12" x 14" cut 18 ct canvas with design area of approximately 8 x 10.  For more information contact me at if you want to participate in the optional class while we are in Italy.  While we have 50+ participants coming with us I understand there are still a few staterooms available.  Viking Travel is handling this fabulous trip for us. Come on and join in the fun.  You still have time!



Gosh, we said goodbye last week to our fabulous Pillow Collage and welcomed our beautiful  Menorah. 
Menorah from Tapestry Fair

We concentrated on the background and the flames for Session One.  Next up for Session Two - who knows what's in store?

Session 5 for Santa's Reward  gave Santa a fabulous beard!

Santa's Reward from Devon Nicholson

Then the Large Easter Rabbit from Brenda Stofft had Session 3 revealed.

This gentleman now has a full backpack with lots of Easter goodies and toys.

Last, but not least, is the Steampunk Fox who received his Session 2.

We finished the hills around our wonderful fellow and filled the trees.  Can't wait to see what happens in the next session!

Well, that should be enough to keep me busy for a few days.  I'm writing stitch guides for my upcoming Embellishment class at Chandail in May and preparing for the wonderful retreat with Piney Pointers at LaTorretta resort in Conroe (?) TX.  That is a marvelous place to 'work'.

Have a great week and remember to Stitch with a Smile!

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