Saturday, January 31, 2015

Oranges and Autumn!

Did you know that until you start actually searching it is amazing at how many orange threads, ribbons and embellishments are out there for our enjoyment.  Just a recent as a couple of years ago, oranges were very sparse and far between.

The new Online Mystery Class - HARVEST - will be showcasing some of the yummy threads, ribbons and embellishments.

Look at the wonderful pumpkin!  There are at least 3 shades of orange going on there.  And those flowers!  Whatever will we do with those? Forget the 'e'! My creative juices are really flowing on this one.  Ribbons, beads, threads - - -  I can't wait to tackle that one.

Enrollment is going on right now so don't miss out.  Come join us for the fun, fun, fun.  The piece is being stitched on both 18ct and 14ct so we plan to have lots of stitch-as-we-go photos to share with those taking the class.  My partner, Teresa, (my daughter and a beautiful stitcher/designer in her own right) is stitching the 14ct for your pleasure.  Most of these will not be included in the commercial stitch guide.  So the online class offers much more personal one-on-one attention to those who seek it as well as more in-depth visuals.  Detailed diagrams and illustrations abound.

Registration is open until mid-March.  First class begins mid-April.  To enroll simply send an email to and say I want in.  Then you decide if you want 18ct or 14ct painted canvas and order through your LNS.  A materials list will be provided once it is completed so you will have time to search your stash, order from your LNS or take advantage of thread kits that will be provided by some select shops.

Classes will be posted monthly for 6 months.  Class fees are $25 per month.  A PayPal invoice will be sent to participants a few days prior to the next lesson's posting.  Some have requested a lump sum payment which is acceptable and can be processed through a PayPal invoice or personal check.

Email me right now before you forget it and join in the fun!  We'd love to have you join us!

Remember to stay warm and stitch with a smile!