Saturday, June 27, 2020

Y Stitch 6-27


Where is time going?  And what do we have to show for the last 6 months?  Well, fortunately for those of us who stitch, we have some stitching accomplishments that we have made.  I cannot imagine being without my needlework during a time like this.

Last reminder for the ANG Virtual Seminar

Registration closes on June 30!  Get those registrations in if you want to join us.  It will be quite an adventure for all of us.  Look at all the 'firsts' we are experiencing.

I would love to have you register for my classes.  Both have been great fun.  The lovely Flags of Glory is such a joy to work on during these troubling times.

Crazy Quits Journey is the other class of mine.  This is almost a sampler because it has so many techniques and materials to experience in the making.

Just go to the link below and view the classes that are being offered.  Easy Peasy!


I am so excited to be sharing my techniques for doing needle felting on needlework.  I have started stitching the model and hope to be able to share with you soon.  In the meanwhile be sure to send me an email to sign up for the class.  

Starting to play!

We have some lovely stitching techniques to get through first before we start on our happy bunny! We'll be doing decorative stitches galore.  We're adding beads, needle weaving, stump work - that's right - Stump work! - padding, appliqué, little ribbon work, but of course mostly needle felting!  Come on!  You don't want to miss this one.  Send email to

In just 2 weeks we will be starting our companion Saturday Night Beauty - Just Add Water.

We understand that the needlepoint canvas painters are starting to ship some of the backorders.  Fingers crossed!

NEEDLES 'N FINS Stitching Adventures

Yippeee!  It appears we will start getting some feedback regarding our Hawaii Stitching Cruise set for April.  I know many of you have sent in your reservations so just be patient a little longer.  So excited!
As soon as I get the revised brochure (spelling errors, etc. changed) I will share with you.  It was wonderful discussing our plans with the travel agent again after many months of everything being at a standstill!  The cruise lines are still a little slow in responding but remember they are also dealing with the enormous headaches of all their cancelled/postponed trips.  What a headache!  

One thing we are hearing is that maybe there will need to be less people on ships.  If this is correct, it is even more important that you get your reservations in early!  It would be so sad to leave you behind!  Just contact Russ at Note that this is a different agency than used on our previous trip.

Now if I could just hear from the needlepoint painters about canvases my week would really be quite fruitful!

PAY IT FORWARD - Hearts A to Z Sampler - Free stitching diagram

I look at this and cannot believe that we have just about completed the alphabet!  I'll have to dig out something else.

Someone wrote me that you did not actually get the Rapid Stitch but a Rhodes stitch instead.  Here is the Rapid Stitch if you want to download it.


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