Saturday, April 13, 2019


April has us sharing a new design.  Registration is still processing. This is a design from Strictly Christmas.

First lesson will be posted  in the upcoming week or so.  For those needing assistance with thread/embellishment kit, contact me and I will put in touch with shop(s) that are or will kit for you following the stitch guide suggestions. This will be a 6-month class with one lesson a month being posted around mid-month. The 6-lesson packet is $150. To register send email to

As with most of my classes, we usually begin with the background.  This gives those who are turbo stitchers some area to work on while awaiting the next month's session.

We have a new Butterfly Quickie session this month as well.  Details will be forwarded to those that have asked to be put on the notification list.

Quickie projects vary.  This group is a one shot deal.  You get the handpainted canvas, threads, embellishments - all the bling - and stitching instructions for one price and sent in one package.  We are stitching eight of the numerous designs from Burnett and Bradley.  So colorful and fun.  Email if you want to be notified -

Beginning mid-May will be the Gossips.  Also from Strictly Christmas (I just noticed that these were all from the same distributor - lol - guess I like their stuff huh?)

When I saw this design featured it just made me smile and gave me a happy feeling.  So I felt I just had to add it.  This will be a little different.  It will be a 7-month packet - still $150.  I just wanted to spread it out a little more.  Look at those beaks (tongues) awaggin'.  Wonder what they are talking about?  If you'd like to join us just send me an email.  If you would like assistance with obtaining the materials, send me an email and I'll put you in touch with shop(s) who are or are willing to kit for you.  email:

Santa Tags will be our June introduction - yes, also from Strictly Christmas.

The same details apply as for the Spooky Tags class.  Just email to join

I just returned from teaching three days of technique classes at Rittenhouse in Philadelphia.  What a delight.  And WOW what a shop!  It is a thread hoarders dream!  You must stop by and see their fabulous collection.  Oh yes, they have plenty of canvases and accessories as well but the threads will blow you away.  They also have an in-house painting and finishing service.

My next stop is at Stitch-Stash in DE.  I will be teaching the beautiful Flags of Glory. May 17 and 18th.

I love this piece.  Ribbon, beads, fun threads and lots of techniques.  Patti is also hosting a one-day techniques class entitled Conventional Techniques Using Unconventional Resources.  Doesn't that sound crazy?  So contact Stitch-Stash to get signed up right away.  Address102 N 1st St, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971  Phone(302) 569-0063

And, of course, registration is open for the ANG Seminar in Houston, TX in August!  Go have a look see at all the classes being offered.  I am fortunate to be teaching 3 classes.

Winter Cardinal from Maggie Designs is a favorite.  This class covers a multitude of techniques including plaids, dimensional work and thread painting to name a few.

The Texas BlueBonnet Boot Vase is another fun class.  This too has ribbons, beads and embellishments with which to play.

And the third class is the Personal Plaid tray insert.

Participants have their selection for Lee leather tray color and will pick from a supply of threads for their plaid creations.

So head over to and sign up for lots of classes and be ready to have a great time in Houston!

And, of course, be sure to join Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures Facebook page to keep up with our stitching cruises and travels.  We would love to have you join us.  Still plenty of time to come along the Mediterranean Stitching Cruise with us this October - would love to have you.  We have approximately 45 at last count - and most of them are stitchers!  YAY!

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