Saturday, February 9, 2019


We are off to a grand start for 2019! The second in the Butterfly Quickie Series is getting ready to ship and is sold out.  We are trying to get a few more for those who still want to join.  Let me know if you are one - otherwise we will be closing down the registration.  Invoices have been forwarded for those who have indicated they want the class.  email me at

Before sending off to the finisher I wanted to show you some choices you can make.  If you look at the left wing you notice the large flower in the center has less light pink and the outside of the flower petals are more prominent.  If you look at the right side you see that the light pink is prominent and the dark recedes.  These are personal choices for the individual.

While it is fresh on my mind I want to remind you that each butterfly is an individual class - you do not need to commit to every butterfly in the series in order to participate.  

We have also mailed invoices to those indicating an interest in the upcoming Lily Wreath from Raymond Crawford.  This class will begin mid-March

Boy, there is a lot going on here.  The bling and the huge number of threads in the kit are amazing!  But that's part of what makes it so much fun though. Look at that cute Seahorse, the Flamingo, what about the ice cream cones, and on and on.  Come on over and join us if you wish.  The shop that is kitting this for us has worked up the necessary materials and getting the canvases so you will be ready to go soon! Just email for details at

Ready to go Cruising?

Check out the activity at Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures facebook page!  We have so much planned.

We are getting ready for our Mediterranean Stitching Adventure that will be in late October. October 24 -November 4 with optional extras on each end. Since we are on the Mediterranean Sea we will be on a slightly larger ship than our normal riverboats but still not too large.  Less than 700 passengers!  YAY!

Look at all the ports we will visit.  So much to see and something for every individual taste.  Add to that we will have fantastic stitching time together as well!

If you want you can take an optional excursion to Pompeii, how about Capri?  So much to choose from.  I'm especially excited about Malta - Valletta - and Sardinia!  While I would love to do Pompeii I am afraid mobility issues will prevent hubby and me from that adventure.  But never fear because there is plenty more offered to afford us the opportunity to get into some kind of trouble.

Go check out the brochure over at Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures.  If you can't find it just email me at or our agent Liz at

Next up will be a wonderful Tulip holiday in April!  Details will be posted soon on Needles 'N Fins page.  Watch for it!


We continue to add more stitch guides and surplus canvases to our Etsy shop at DuoDesignsbySandra.  Check back often!

Large Easter Rabbit by Brenda Stofft

Fortune Teller by Brenda Stofft

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