Saturday, April 15, 2017

NORMAL !  Yes, whatever that is!

I can walk across the room without being totally winded - YAY!  Head is as clear as it has ever been as far as the thinking functions go. Steroid downers are a thing of the past.  Family doctor says on track and in good shape (for the shape I'm in).   Cardiologist appointment scheduled. So, that's all you are gonna get about me personally.


The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta today announced the identification of a new disease. Tentatively named Acquired Needlework Syndrome, the disease is highly infectious. Scientists at CDC say the disease is caused by a bacillus called staphloaiguille because its needle-like shape. Under the microscope, the bacillus is long and slender with a long narrow opening at one end, from which trail thread-like cilia.

Symptoms of the disease include feverish babbling of letters such as DMC, TW, PR, LOL, ROFL and talking about invisible friends such as Teresa, Laura, Paula, Robert, Karen, etc. At first sufferers appear to be taking an unusual interest in Verdi operas, while more advanced cases develop wanderlust, especially wishing to travel to Edinburgh, Dublin and Belfast. Other symptoms include feverish buying and storing of woven goods and printed pamphlets, and a “smoking” credit card.

The disease is especially dangerous because it cannot only be passed along directly from one infected individual to another, but documented cases have been found where the sufferer caught the disease from reading a magazine, attending a craft show, or chatting on internet forums.

The CDC says that while the disease is especially prevalent in North America, cases have been found in every country on the planet. Family members should be aware that while the disease may occasionally enter remission, it is at present -- TOTALLY INCURABLE.

The patient should be given a quiet corner with a comfortable chair and good lighting. Interruptions should be minimized at all costs!

               ---------------------- and now we know! So there!

Look at this!  Isn't he wonderful!

It is so hard to believe that he is finished and now a part of the past.  There are so many things about this guy that I loved.  I think if I had to pick one outstanding feature it would be his beard for me.  It turned out way beyond expectations.  Not a disappointment at all!  So Santa's Rewards by Devon Nicholson is now destined for the drawer with other finished projects at the time until I decide what I want to do with him. Stitch guide will be available somewhere down the road on our website with the others at

Wait, what is that over there on the table?  Ah Ha!  The Menorah is calling out to me.  Me!  Me!  Me!  Do me next.  Indeed you are next.  This month we add two candles to this wonderful, colorful canvas.  It is such a joy to stitch.  It is a challenge I will say that.  And the reason it is a challenge is because we are trying to interject some techniques that are not diagrammed.  The painting varies a little so we need to be flexible and just poke the needle in the hole!  (I know, I can hear the gasps all the way here in Central Kentucky!)


Steampunk Fox.  This month we finish up the pumpkins and the background stuff so we can begin playing with the wonderful focal points for next time!  Can hardly wait!

Pretty cool flowers.

And not to be forgotten is Mr. Dapper Dan himself. Hopping in  (get it? hopping in? - I know I have a weird sense of humor sometimes but remember I haven't been my normal, brilliant self these past couple weeks!)  to make his 4th appearance is the Large Easter Rabbit strutting his stuff. Someone told him that in the Christian World this is Easter weekend and that it has a very special significance so he did not want to disappoint either.

RAYMOND CRAWFORD TRUNK SHOW!  Those signed up for the Raymond Crawford Online Mystery Class Santa Wreath with Ornaments might want to check out Nimblefingers in Houston as they are having a Raymond Crawford Trunk Show.  I do not know any details but it might be worth checking into! And I seem to recall that I saw a couple more listed out there too.  Maybe they are listed on his blog.  Anyway a bargain is a bargain!


Yes, next month we introduce the first session for the colorful Songbirds!  There is a lot to share with this design.  It is so colorful and has such happy colors that you must smile the whole while you are working on them.
Invoices are being processed for those wanting to participate; invitations are outstanding for the secret Facebook page; shops are busily putting together kits for those who have requested them.  So exciting! Just let us know if you need assistance in getting a canvas and/or thread kits.  Email me at  If you have ordered a thread kit or a canvas/thread kit you should be receiving an email in the next day or two advising that invoicing is in process and shipping will begin!

TBT - What do they call that - Throw Back Thursday?  Well, anyway, you guys remember this magnificent piece!

To date we have posted 5 sessions for this at-least 2 year project.  Well, one participant had life give her a bump and she is not going to be able to go forward with the sessions.  What this means is that she is offering her fantastic canvases (partially stitched face), stretcher bars, some threads and at a wonderful bargain.   And I mean bargain!  Let me know if you are interested and I will get you two together.    So far we have addressed the background, the beautiful blanket, the rump wrap, some gifts and the face. So magnificent~!

Okay, off to my day - and, by the way, I feel great!

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Glad you are feeling better. I can tell from all the happy stitching that's been going on. Stay safe and rest up. You aren't totally over this, you know.