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We have all been in those classes where there is at least one turbo stitcher and one turtle stitcher right?  And there is nothing wrong with either approach.  They each have their own agenda.  And then there are all the in-between stitchers of those two categories.

Well, Online Mystery Classes are no different.  I have some stitchers that almost have the lesson finished before I push the button to post it in the secret Facebook Page.  I love them dearly!  Because of them I sometimes learn that a different approach resulted in using more thread than I might have suggested, or that there is a typo on page such and so, or I have transposed numbers (which is a frequent occurrence for me), or that a question arises that might help me add more clarity to a specific technique.  Students love them too.  I have had some say that they hang back and wait until others get through the lesson so they know if there is an issue.  As most know, trying to satisfy the masses is impossible.  But you have asked that I provide a materials list before the lesson starts and I generally try to do that.  However, I have not always completed the stitching so some things are a guess.  That is why there is always a disclaimer at the beginning of the posted materials list that I might need another thread, that I might decide against a thread I have listed, or we might need more skeins than originally thought.  But we all seem to get through it happily.

There are others that wait until all the lessons are posted before they begin.  These are the students that ask a question 3-6 months after we have moved on. That is perfectly okay.  In fact, it is one of the beauties of the Online Mystery Classes. Problem is, I have addressed many other issues on other matters in between the active class and the time when they ask so it might take me a little while to regurgitate the process I used a few months back and then I can address their question.

While the first few years of Online Mystery Classes have been handled in pretty much a standard way, we are adding a few twists going forward.  The standard classes were all for a 6-month period.  This meant that a lesson was posted once a month for 6 months at a cost of $150 for the 6-lesson packet.

Next, we got requests for special classes - such as the humongous Arctic Parade canvases.  These special classes involve a guarantee of a minimum number of lessons.  However, the catch is that they are not regularly scheduled.  Working so far.

One thing I noticed on my classes is that my students seem to request large projects - at least 9 x 12  (in my dreams!) and larger.  Just scroll down and you will see the offerings to see what I mean (the full year agenda originally posted on Dec. 19 - by the way, that has been added too in subsequent posts).  And it was becoming more and more difficult for the majority (operative word here is majority) of students to be able to finish a lesson within a month.  Now, keep in mind that finishing a lesson is not a requirement.  Some students place that burden upon themselves.  So, we are experimenting with the idea of having some classes that involved larger canvases to post a lesson every other month.   Some of these include:
Moon Gazer by Brenda Stofft

Steampunk Witch by Brenda Stofft

On the flip side, we have added a new category called 'Quickies'.   These are classes that are going to be smaller projects and they are only going to involve 2 lesson postings.  That does not necessarily mean that the posting will only have a couple stitches, it means that no matter what, everything that I have included for that design will be divided into 2 postings.  These Quickie classes will be all inclusive!  All materials and lessons for one price.  These will vary depending on the cost and number of materials included.

The first Quickies on the schedule are by Raymond Crawford and involve some of his Star designs.  First up is the USA Star:

This will begin early to mid-summer.  Email me for full details at

The second Quickie will be Raymond's American Eagle Star:

Hopefully I will be able to share the finished products in the next couple of weeks.

The next new thing we are going to experiment with is the - No Stress - No Schedule - No Deadline - class.  Doesn't that sound great?  The first piece we will play with for this class with be from JP Needlepoint and is their Nutty Professor Hooter - this is 8" x 33" for the design area - very manageable.  For more details email me at



I hope Italy is prepared for the Party on the Po that is going to converge upon them in October!  We have 50 paid participants and 10 more in the wings!  Woo Hoo!  What a group.  Do you know what this is?

That's the boxes for the first mailing of the Cruise Exclusive Class Kit - Venice Memories!  (This is the very private Shipping Department at Arthur Acres! - any excuse not to have to cook dinner!)

So for those that have ordered and paid for the Exclusive Class Kit, they have all been shipped and should be received soon if not already!  The deadline for ordering the Venice Memories class kit is May 15.

This is just one of many possible things the participants will be playing with while 'resting' from their Italian adventures through Milan, down (or is it across) the Po, Venice and the neighboring little islands!  It is becoming more and more real as each little chip falls into place!  So, so exciting.

I will be sharing some Italian ornaments soon with you as well.  Stitching the backgrounds currently. Won't be much longer!

And, as if that isn't enough to do, I will be heading our this week to teach at the Needle Nook of LaJolla Annual Retreat.  Always fun with this group! 

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