Saturday, January 21, 2017


I am in San Jose at the TNNA Winter Market.  I taught this cute  Noahs' Tooth Fairy Ark from Brenda Stofft to the shop owners that attended.  Be sure to have your shop owner contact Brenda to get yours.  There is also a stitch guide available.

Brenda Stofft's Noah's Ark Tooth Fairy Pillow

In the meanwhile, I almost missed the deadline for class proposals for the ANG DC Seminar!  Good thing I had done most of the work at home before I left.  Luckily I ran across Lisa Crespo and Catherine McEnerney from ANG who 'gently' reminded me.  Keep your fingers crossed that they might pick something so I can share it with you.

Today is first day of Market so I am going to be off as soon as it opens.  I return home tomorrow.

Yep.  It is official.  Brenda Stofft hates me!  I told her that she hates me!  She will let me get no peace!  About the time I settle in she comes along with something that I simply cannot pass up!
Will you look at this!

And, as if that is not bad enough, I have been 'recruited' to add yet another Brenda Stofft piece to the lineup.  One of our first Online Mystery Classes for 2018 will be the new fabulous Moon Gazer.  

The sweet creature is from a new addition to Brenda's line from artist Amanda Clark.
The design area is 7" x 16.5" on 18 ct canvas.  Oh WOW!  My head is already churning.  Let me know if you are interested in being placed on the notification list!  You know the drill - just send me your email address at and we will add you to receive notifications concerning this design.  Here's a picture of Brenda herself modeling it for us so I could show you the size better.

Isn't she cute? ( And the bunny is wonderful too!)

Had a fantastic dinner last night with friends Robert and Leigh Richardson of Leigh's Designs - and she debuted her new Illuminaion Series.  Here we are with my piece - the Gateway to Paradise Peacock and Leigh with Jane Woods' magnificent tiger piece.

Now I am off to dinner with the fantastic Cassie Prescott and Nandra of Sundance - Italian food - yeah!  And they introduced the glow in the dark beads at market today - can't wait to get them on one of those Brenda Stofft pieces!

It was great seeing friends again - Amy Bunger and Jill, Kathy Balthrop from The Stitching Studio of Richmond, Joyce Gresh from Osterville, Kim Walton of the collection, Robbyn Neese, Melissa Prince, Jim and Terry Collingham and working with their wonderful daughter-in-law Briana, Nancy Laux and Saira both of Houston, Jane Garrison of Theadnuts, Doug and Dena of Kreinik, Sally (my right hand man) of Rainbow Gallery, Susan Roberts' bunch, Hyla Hurley and her cute stuff, visiting with Kate Dickerson discussing our upcoming trip to Italy, the girls at Puffin, Raymond Crawford educating me on flora, seeing Lisa again (formerly Nashville Needleworks) helping her sister Emily with her booth, Juli and Pete and getting the owls ready to head to Austin for Blue Bonnet Retreat, Karen at Vineyard Silk, an on and on - oh such fun.  This is what market is about to me - see friend once again.  We missed those who could not attend this year but hopefully our paths will cross again soon - maybe next market.

So have 4 am wakeup in the morning to head back home - I am ready although I will miss the second day of market.

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