Saturday, March 12, 2016


Wow!  At the time we started discussing these classes they seem to be an eternity away!  Not so!

Thanksgiving Critters by Melissa Shirley will actually have its first lesson posted this coming Tuesday!  So exciting!

This next class is one I thought we'd never get to!  I am so anxious to share my ideas with you on this one.  Pillow Collage is distributed by the collection and designed by Needlepoint of Back Bay. First lesson is May 15!

The design is stock number D-141  and is 26” x 15" painted on  18 ct  canvas.  This beauty will have its first lesson posted mid-May!  Because of all the activity going on in this one, I will be posting a lesson every other month  - this means the project will span a year in time.  But, we want you to have time to enjoy the journey and grasp all that will be covered.

To register:  email me at and let me know you want to be included.  I will add you to the notification list.    Even though the class is spread over a year in time the lesson packet is still $150 for the 6-lesson package.  Invoices will be distributed around the first of April.

There are several shops that have or can get this canvas for you if you do not have a LNS.  Osterville Needlepoint Shop in Massachusetts  is in the back door of the distributor; Designers Desk outside Chicago and Chandail in Houston are two other shops that made commitments to the students of these classes, as have many other fine shops around.  Ask and if you have difficulty, email me and we will work on finding you a canvas for the class(es).

Next, I was hit from left-field or whatever the baseball saying might be.  I was astonished at the number of people interested in doing this fantastic design by Brenda Stofft - Arctic Parade!

Isn't this amazing?  How could I say no!  Well I probably should have but couldn't but I did make some changes as to how this class will progress.  First, it is a "Special Online Mystery Class." That means the normal rules don't apply.  This class has its own set of rules.

First there is no set schedule for when lessons will be posted. There will definitely be a minimum of 10 lessons posted.  This project will probably span at least 2 years (at least being the buzz word here.)

Second, there will not be a materials listed posted in the beginning.  Threads will be posted as each session progresses.

Third, we will probably stitch both sides at the same time for shared objects.  For instance, the penguins on the front will be accompanied with the instructions for doing the penguins on the back.

So, get your schedule in order, get the canvas on order and decide how you want to set up your work area.  I will be sharing how I am preparing my work area once I return back home, so that others may get some inspiration as to how best to approach this wonderful adventure.

Speaking of wonderful adventures!  OMG!  I am teaching at Fay's Needle Nook of LaJolla Retreat in California. The weather has been amazing - except - they had a little rain shower yesterday and you would have thought the torrential rains of the century occurred!  I'm just having fun with them over their excitement on this one.  Living in an area where rain is fairly common, it is exciting to watch as others are so taken by the wonders of nature that do not occur frequently for them.  What a joy!

Words seem to fall short in describing how we are being treated and received here.  Fay has gone all out to make our visit fantastic.  How can you summarize what Vicky DeAngelis has gone through, and is going through, to pull this all together so that it runs like a well oiled machine?  Unless you have been there you have no idea what is involved behind the scenes to make this seem seamless - NOT!

The staff is most gracious, helpful and accommodating!  Someone is always there to be of assistance. If they don't know the answer they find it.  And, last but certainly not least, is Helga.  Helga has been assigned to primarily take care of our group.  And take care of us she does!  She is our eyes and legs. We ask and she finds.  We seek and she produces!  

I, along with 5 other instructors, am blessed with the most wonderful group of participants!  None of which I knew up until about a year ago (with one exception).  These ladies are working wonderfully together.  We (at least I am) are having so much fun! They are all beautiful stitchers and their stitching ain't bad either.

Canvases!  How blessed I am to have participants that have chosen a wide variety of canvases of great quality and the diversity is such fun.  I feel several participants are enjoying what we are able to share on the canvases of others as we work through the different techniques.

As if all this isn't enough, I have had the great pleasure or reuniting with a friend from my past days being on the Board of Directors of ANG.  She had to refresh my memory, but boy did we conjure up the memories quickly after that.  This delightful lady took it upon herself to include me in her outing with her fantastic son, his beautiful friend, and another lovely lady Retreat participant.  Oh goodness! How do you express the experience I had last night?  We went to dinner at Marine Room Restaurant- which is almost in the ocean!  Well after a few hours I feel we were in the ocean.  We were totally entertained by the movement of the waves as they approached closer and closer.  We had sea gulls dancing around the windows (one in particular put on quite a show), and we even had a sea lion pop up outside our window.  As the evening wore on the waves were gently crashing into and up against the windows!  Breathtaking!  
As we began our dinner

As the evening progresses. .

And a little later . .  .

And water is crashing up against the windows. (Yes, that's the edge of our table!)  Exciting!

Oh, and the dinner was fabulous as well as the great company.

Well, I'm off to 'work'.  You have a great day!


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