Saturday, February 6, 2016


Mercy!  What weather!  One day we have 12" of snow and a few days later it is in the 60s and above?  No wonder people are becoming ill.  I missed the snow here at home because I was teaching at Callaway.  But Callaway (this year) was cold and wet!  We did have a lovely day or two sprinkled in and a beautiful day to drive to the airport.  I missed being able to go to the Butterfly House this year.  Maybe next time.

SPRING?  What's this Spring stuff?  How about a happy Brenda Stofft Easter Rabbit?  He makes you feel Spring is in the air when looking at his happy face. Background from Lesson 1 in the Online Mystery Class is all done on this pretty boy!

In just a few days we begin working on Lesson 2!  Can't wait!  More fun in store.

And . . . people are still signing up and joining us for this guy!  Join us!

But, we also have the kitties in the dingy don't forget!  The background sky is in, the moon is in, the dingy is stitched, and we have two of the Cats in the Dingy stitched and ready to assist their mighty Captain.  This cute Annie Lane design is working up fairly quickly and has lots of challenges along the way.

FALL? Well of course Fall and Autumn!  Look who is next in the que!  It is the cute Melissa Shirley design of all kinds of little critters in the autumn attire!  Named Thanksgiving Critters though we refer to them as Autumn critters because Thanksgiving is too limited, and as I said, there is not a Pilgrim nor Indian in sight!

                                            Hmm?      Hmm?    Hmm?      Hmm?     Hmm?

Notification emails have gone out to all who expressed some interest advising that invoices will soon follow.  If you think you have registered for this Online Mystery Class and have not received an email from me, then I do not have you listed.  Contact me right away by sending an email to  If you did not register but want to join us you still can and need to send me an email right away telling me to include you - again at  

Invoices will be mailed in another week or so.  These will be via PayPal in the amount of $150 for the 6-lesson packet.  Contact your local needlepoint shop to get your canvas and threads.  Let me know if you need assistance in obtaining these items.  Once payment is processed you will be included in a secret Facebook page where you will meet fellow participants, obtain a materials list and read up on some general information, tips and rules.  Come on over.

First lesson is scheduled to be posted mid-March 2016.

In the meanwhile, whatever will I be doing with myself?  Well I've mailed off the kits and now preparing to get packed for Blue Bonnet retreat in Texas!  As I shared with you earlier, I'll be teaching Ruth Schmuff's Boston Terrier Cocktail for two days. Kinda want to pet him!
Next is a two-day session of my design Pumpkin Spiced Tea.  

Both these designs incorporate needle felting - one with wool roving the other with silk roving.

Then, without even going home, I'm off to teach at the ANG Chapter at Lake Murray, OK.  I'm excited because I have not taught in Oklahoma before.  I get to add another state to my teaching map.
This is my design called Crazy Needles Journey!

This piece is named for its crazy quilt layout and the journey is because so many of the stitches have names of countries - Hungarian, Dutch, French, Romanian, you get the picture.

Then it will be back home for one (yes I said one day) then I hop on another plane with my daughter/partner Teresa and we head back to Houston for a week of stitching and creating with each other and friends at the annual Lone Star Stitch Away.  Can't wait!

So back to the business at hand - finishing packing - jump on the plane for Austin - post the upcoming lessons for our fun Online Mystery Classes...

But.... don't forget working on those suggestions for the Needle Nook of LaJolla Getaway in March - Yipee!

I hope you are enjoying your life's adventure as am I!  Until next time, be sure to Stitch with a Smile!


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