Monday, June 1, 2015


While at market this weekend I was looking around to check out any new gadgets for us to play with. However, a recent section covered in my current Online Mystery Class - HARVEST  (scroll down through older postings for more information on the Online Mystery Classes) reminded me that not everyone is aware of a recent item that was introduced by Colonial Needle.

We have had bullion needles for decades.  No secret.  But, to my knowledge, they have always been sharps as used by the Brazilian Embroidery artists (whom I envy for their skills of thread manipulation)! And as you know in our concentration of executing our wonderful art, we tend to 'stick' ourselves if the needle gets to sharp.  Add the awkwardness of the length of this wonderful tool and we are in big trouble.  Well, Colonial Needle has come to the rescue!

They have come forward with the wonderful Bullion Tapestry Points - Item #CB-BN-735B.

These needles are packaged in sets of 3 Needles:  3-1/2", 5" and 7" (which is really long).  I tend to use mostly the 3-1/2" length needle for my purposes on needlepoint projects.

This needle affords us the luxury of being blunt so it finds the canvas hole cleanly, it is long enough to hold comfortably while executing a multi-wrapped stitch, and it also has a decent size needle eye for threading such things as pearl cotton.

Some of my students have either never made a bullion knot or have suffered unsuccessful results trying them in the past.  Once we got the word out about these needles, we created some bullion creating masters!  They are not competing for such titles as 'bullion queen', 'bullion princess', etc.  
So next time you need to execute the bullion stitch keep in mind that the proper tool can make all the difference between success and failure.  And remember that these needles work for the cast on stitches, double cast on, and drizzle, to name a few.

Cast on stitch

Also, for those who like to split canvas threads in their stitching or who are using a fabric other than needlepoint canvas, this wonderful product is available in sharps as well.

Do yourself a favor and add this set of needles to your needlepoint arsenal!  You won't be sorry!

Great videos on how-to at Colonial Needle

And since it is raining here in Central Kentucky and am going to spend the most of my day sitting here stitching with a smile!  Please join me!


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