Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Beautiful - yes even a cloudy, gloomy, overcast, rainy breezy day is beautiful to me.  I know, shoot me!  But, I just happen to be one of those people who loves mornings and am thankful to awaken each morning by the grace of God.

So, since I am awake, it is my duty to see how much trouble I can get into, right?  I am looking at my 'coffee table' (actually an antique rice bed that is approximately  4' x7' long) that is covered with current projects laid out on stretcher bars.  These projects lie there looking at me - no, staring at me - saying, okay lady what are you going to do next to mutilate us?  Tee Hee!  Little do they know.

First on the left is one of the teaching pieces I am finishing for the ANG National Seminar in New Orleans exhibit that must be in Myrtle Beach by mid-July for display of class selections.  This piece - Papillion - I just 'had' to offer in 3 color choices - one was not enough - noooooo, I had to go an offer 3.  So, I, in my infinite wisdom, felt it necessary to show and stitch 3 color choices - was it required? Probably not, but that's just not the way I always see things. I am currently adding a bazillion beads - love it!

She and a an apricot/orange companion are at the finishers to see what they mature into.


Next is the cute Online Mystery Class Easter Wreath.  This guy has been so fun to stitch - 17 different eggs and 3 other areas to poke around in.  His registration period just closed and I am so excited to begin posting his lessons.  They will  start mid-July.  I am finishing up the background and a couple rows of plaid (oops!  am I letting the cat out of the bag?) on him and he is totally finished then.  (Ut oh, another poorly structured sentence - the grammar police will come visit!)

Easter Wreatb - A.Bradley Designs
Next to this cute guy is the elegant Online Mystery Class Beijing Butterflies.  Registration is currently going on at for this one. Oh my what techniques have I concocted for this beautiful exclusive design from Leigh Designs for us to play with online?

Beijing Butterflies - Leigh Designs
These beauties have ribbon, metallics, silks, crystals, beads, etc., etc.  And the stitches are unbelievable - weaving, encroaching, buttonhole, layering, knotting, laying, or nue`, who knows?  This beauty has all the threads selected and stitches tested so now it is just a matter of finishing the execution!

And then there is what is on my floor stand?  I am sitting here viewing my current WIPs while looking over the stretched on bars new Curtis Boehringer Santa and Snowman that I am stitching and writing a stitch guide for the wonderful Fleur de Paris to be able to distribute to your LNS so you can have as much fun as I am.  I designed a special darning pattern background just for these guys and it will be in my Series VI book (yea, I know, Series V needs to get off the shelf first  -  it's coming, it's coming!).

Santa and Snowman - Curtis Boehringer Designs
I have to say, though, while I am busily stitching and loving every minute of it, my mind is bursting with the things I want to share with you!  There is so much in the 'pipeline' (as we use to say when I had a 'real' job) that I need several sets of arms to get them done.

I have ready to place on stretcher bars 3 new, upcoming Online Mystery Classes:  Melissa Shirley, Annie Lane (you asked for it) and the Collection.  OMG they are all beautiful.  Plus I have a very special class that can be worked in between for those of you that are stash hoarders.  I will be sharing that one within the next few weeks!  

So, things are not boring here at Arthur Acres!  I would be amiss if I did not add here ' Thank God for Bill, my husband of 53+ years! ' The man is such a help but he refuses to learn to stitch.  He sees to it that I eat 3 meals a day, he's my banker, shopper, cook, go-fer, etc.  He does these other things (worked in between his wonderful naps that I envy) in order to allow me to devote my time fully to my passion - my needle art.  So for those who ask - that's how I manage to do it!  Add to that the fact that I am not a housekeeper . . . . well.....

Okay, so a few projects are calling my name.  I have had a cup of coffee, scanned my emails, did fast check on Facebook, made sure students didn't have burning issues, chatted with you and now I am going for the second cup of coffee and Santa and I are going to enjoy listening to the rain on my skylights and be thankful for my life as it is!

(And the commissioned stitch guides preparation is another issue and how I spend my 'spare' time!)

May you all be able to stitch with a smile (hope you can understand some now why I can!)

Till next time



Brenda M. Côté said...

Love your joie de vivre! Also enjoy reading about your mystery classes and everything else you're involved in. Thank you for writing a great blog.

Brenda's Needlepoint Studio

Sandy Arthur said...

Thank you Brenda for visiting!