Thursday, August 14, 2014

Living with Technology!

What a week!  Okay, I have a strong suggestion for all of those who depend greatly upon
 iPhones and laptops.

Take a slow, quiet day, like Sunday at our house.  Wake up and make yourself a promise to not use the iPhone or laptop all day.  During that time, make notes of every time you start to use them and cannot and record how it affected your next action.

On Monday, when you start using the devices again, record everything you use them for, your passwords, and what you do with the information, etc.

At 5 a.m. Monday when I awoke I went to my devices as I always do.  Well, they are not where I left them.  I wake my husband and asked if he moved my computer and where did he put it.  He did not.  We begin looking around and we cannot find them anywhere.   Turns out the home we were staying in had been broken into during the night while we were sleeping.  Guess what they took?  Laptop, iPhone and purse.  This home did not have a landline - very techy people.  I have personal hotspot on my iPhone so I can access the Internet wherever I am - that is if I have a phone.  My husband, bless his heart (this is for you Laura Taylor), gets the hand-me-downs so his phone has nothing.  However, I could make a call at least.  So I call my daughter and ask her where should I begin.

For some reason I threw my ancient iPad (first generation) into my suitcase.  So my hubby and I go head for the nearest Panera bread so I can have Wi-Fi and he can have food (keeps him happy).   I immediately hit my bank accounts and change passwords.  Now we are talking 7 in the morning so there is not a lot I can do unless it is online.  I feverishly change passwords.

Call police, banks and credit cards.  So you know how my next few days were spent.  At this point I do not exist.  So we run around getting drivers license, social security card, insurance cards, bank cards, etc., etc.  And all this while trying to get ready to teach 5 days at the ANG National Seminar. I'm supposed to be remembering what I need to take to Chicago, not what I need to exist!

After all that, head to Verizon and Apple to get my devices that I have grown to depend on, so that I can begin functioning again.  Now, of course, I have to learn new stuff because everything is updated and of course it does not re-download the way I think it should.

This horrible experience has shown me a lot about my technological habits.  This is why I suggested the above.  I 'thought' I had everything in pretty good control.  It is amazing how many little passwords have slipped through the cracks and I can't recall them when I need to.  It is amazing how many instances we need numbers and need to remember how much 'stuff' we actually have.  Well, it has NOT been fun.

I am blessed, however, and I realize this is just stuff and there are a lot worse things that could have happened.  I am fortunate.  It is just that it is so aggravating!

Okay, I have vented.

Another sad note is that The Mystery of Yolanda ended this week.  It is hard to believe that it has already been 6 months.  I had fun stitching on her and I think the participants did too. You can't see all her beautiful shiny beads and gorgeous ribbons but she is a treat! Her stitch guide will be available through Tapestry Fair and later on my website so check back often.

Moving onward now, I am focusing more on the new online mystery, Mod Ornaments Mystery.

This EyeCandy design helps cheer me up and brightens my day.  It reminds me there is more than enough beauty to offset the uglies of the world.

So while thinking of the stitches for this beauty I will leave this posting by sharing with you some of my stitching.

I'm sure none of you recognize this stitch as it is a rare technique called reverse stitching!

This is only the beginning of the fun I am going to have on this piece.  I must confess, however, that I had to do the reverse stitching way before my recent adventure.  And I assure you the technique led to a great result in the end!  If you have not done so, there is still plenty of time to join in the fun!  Scan on down further in older postings for all the details.  Just email me a if you have questions.

Remember to stitch with a smile - I am practicing what I preach here!


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