Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ANG Seminar - Chicago -

I have been teaching here in Chicago for the past 5 days and what a blast!  Everyone here has been wonderful - our own ANG core volunteers, TRG, and the Hotel staff.  But most of all, the students have been great.

Friday's full class on Beading for Needlework was great!  The students went away happy (I think) and many, many came to me and said they wished it could have been 2 days.  I also met many attendees in the halls over the next few days expressing to me how sad they were to not be able to get into my class as they were number 9 or number 11, etc., on the wait list.  This has led me to believe that I might seriously consider adding it as an Encore class for seminar after SC.  While the class is being taught in Houston in October, I could offer no relief as these classes are filled as well.  Many other chapters are asking about the class too, so we'll see what the future holds for Beading for Needlework.  Maybe there will be a workshop near you or maybe you can encourage your guild to host one.  It may be a worthwhile project for your group.
We played with attaching beads in different ways, making some cool comparisons, and sharing.  We had a good time!

My next 4 days were involved teaching Back to the Beach: The Girls Reunited.  Oh my goodness!  I knew I was going to have fun with this one too, but this bunch of gals were a mess - students not design!  We laughed, we poked fun, we played musical chairs, and we even got in some stitching.  

How many variations are there to boobs? Let me count the ways!  Poor Jennifer, Penelope, Susan, Clarencetta and Mary Ella will never be the same.  We had breast reductions, back problems, title waves, Queen Elizabeth replicas, and - Serendipity?  Detached buttonhole? Let's not even go there!

What a blast!  I do hope my students had as much fun those 4 days as I did and I will cherish every one of them.  Time went way too fast.  Too, too much!

And so, it is now time for me to put Seminar Chicago behind me and start focusing on my future endeavors.

I hope those here are having a great time - those I have encountered sure are - and I hope those who have not been able to will be able to attend a Seminar in the near future.

Thanks for everyone's support and have a great remaining Seminar and a great week!

Remember to stitch with a smile!


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