Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Wednesday again!  Wow.  Well I'm starting to hone in on the foodstuff that couldn't be made too far ahead. Today we are going to make the brownies.  Probably the deviled eggs (my friend insists that they are dressed eggs)
.  Maybe the watergate salad.  And the corn pudding.  I just partially bake the corn pudding and then finish it up while the turkey is 'breathing'.  That will help immensely for for tomorrow's gathering.

But this morning I will post the stitch of the week - Madam Stitch.

This stitch is shown diagrammed so many ways.  But, this way works for me.  Hope it works for you too.

So stitch away.  Me, I must get busy in the kitchen.  I will admit - that is not my favorite place either.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone and I hope you are surrounded by family and loved ones.  Ours keeps getting smaller and smaller.  First by passing family members  and second by youngsters growing up and moving away and on.  The number keeps getting fewer and fewer.  Yet, we still  have so much for which we are  thankful and thank God everyday for our blessings!

Until next time!


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