Wednesday, November 20, 2013



A week away from Thanksgiving.  That seems so hard to believe.  When that happens it will feel to me as if the rest of the year will be but a passing phase.  It will just zoom by and we will be into 2014 before I know it!  It is so frightening!  But I will focus on the present and our new stitch for the week.

Today I am sharing the English stitch.

I am not too familiar with this stitch.  I don't see it around too much.

In a way it at first reminded me of a curtain stitch but not really.  Anyway, here it is stitched.

It starts with a base of upright Gobelin or satin stitches.  Then it has a layer of slanted stitches - as is shown in the second picture.  In the third picture, I stitched in a contrasting thread so you could see the stitches better. I think for practical purposes I would use this stitch in two colors or textures so that you could see the movement.

Okay, there it is so play with it and post your results.

Enjoy and stitch with a smile!


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