Sunday, November 24, 2013


More and more of the shops I have contacted have been responding. Plans are beginning to fall into place.  From these positive responses there is no reason that participants should not be able to get all the supplies they will need to complete this project.

In February I will provide for you who do not have a LNS an option for getting the canvas and or stretcher bars.  These are provided by a local shop.  You may, of course, make other arrangements if you choose.  We are just thinking of those who do not have the convenience of a LNS or do not want to be bothered.

Okay, canvas and stretcher bars are taken care of.

Next comes the first lesson. As I advised several days ago, I have been working with shops that I have taught at previously to see about having supplies for each of the months classes.  After several discussions, I have decided that instead of kits, I will provide a list of the materials ahead of time to these shops and they will let me know if they have the materials or if they will be getting those supplies.  Those that confirm that they have the supplies will then be added to a contact information list as a resource on the lesson list for those signed up for the class. That way the participants will always have an easily accessible resource for supplies.  Of course, the class participants will be receiving the list of needed supplies for that lesson as well and will have the freedom to purchase the materials anywhere they choose.  We just provide them with information of a resource that we know definitely has the materials.  This list does not purport to be the only available resources that would have the supplies, but it is a mere representation of my personal knowledge of shops that would have the supplies.

Each lesson will be $25 and that will be invoiced through PayPay a week before the lesson will be accessible.  The lesson will consist of stitch diagrams,a list of thread selections and embellishments that are needed,  and explanations of what is to be done for that portion of the design.  Then, I will basically walk the participants through the process of the lesson, discussing how the stitches are executed, and have additional photos that will not be in the stitch guide - sorta like being in a classroom.    In other words, I will be teaching  the techniques and providing a discussion forum for that portion of the stitch guide - as an expansion of the stitch guide. That section of the mystery will then be resolved.

After each lesson is posted via e-mail, participants may contact me by e-mail for clarification or questions regarding any portion of that section of the mystery.  I will be setting up an area such as a closed Yahoo group or Facebook group so that we may communicate back and forth and among the group.  I haven't gotten that far yet in my planning.

As I said earlier, this is a work in progress and until February it may be tweaked several times.  Nothing major, just little things here and there.

Your input is welcome as we go along and remember to email me at to indicate your interest in signing up for the Mystery or with any questions about the class.

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