Sunday, September 1, 2013

ANG Seminar - Anaheim, CA

As always, Seminar was great!  I cannot believe it is over.  We spend at least two years preparing after we learn our designs are accepted for teaching.  Somehow, that time just slips away.  During that time, we start getting excited and are anxious for Seminar to begin.

Well, it does being.  For me it began with the Teaching Excellence class by Catherine Jordan.  The class was not up my alley as I am not good when it comes to numbers, figuring angles, etc.  However, Catherine did manage to get all of us up to par on preparing our templates to help determine the focal point, thirds, etc.  I even enjoyed the class!  Great job Catherine.

I took another class on working with polymer clay.  This was actually a 'tour' and not part of the ANG educational offerings. While it was fun, it wasn't really what I expected.  For some reason I thought I would be making beads.  No, we made a picture frame.  Mine is so bad that I choose not to share it here with you.  It is best for you to just think that maybe I'm being harsh on myself rather than actually proving how bad it was.

Good thing out of this class was that I was able to meet a Facebook participant face-to-face.  That was great!

Then we start with Opening Banquet.  This is the time that all the ribbon winners of the judged entries are announced.  The anticipation is always exciting. The results are always breathtaking and awesome!  Congratulations to all - some I know personally, which makes it even more exciting.

My class on Pinkletoes started Monday.  What a great time I had!  I sure hope my students had as much fun as I did.  We managed to get through all 6 canvases and there were no surprises along the way. My students were great.  We had a wonderful week of laughing, sharing and stitching!

I had several required meetings to attend that involved teachers, such as the NETA luncheon, the Master Teacher Program meeting and the MTP proctors meeting, the certification celebration, etc.These are held during your 'free' time.

Closing banquet was a fantastic climax to my wonderful week.   ANG bestowed upon me the prestigious Literary Award in recognition of my contribution through my Shapes of Needlepoint Series I-IV books. My flight home was partially on clouds as I was on a high.  When I went to the podium to receive the reward, President Pat Rogers said to me 'didn't see that one coming did ya!'  Boy was she right!

I am very glad to be back home, but it will take quite a while for me to put Anaheim and Seminar 2013 in the background.  However, I must get busy on other designs, proposals and stitch guides!

Until later, thank you all for your support through your participation in attending my classes and in the purchase of my books, apps and stitch guides.

Until next time, remember to stitch with a smile.  Mine will be difficult to stop for awhile!

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