Saturday, March 25, 2023


Oh, I live in Kentucky.  We don't go by seasons - lol.  We jump from 33 one evening and wake up to 73 next morning. Right now it is 65 degrees, sun shining beautifully but the wind could blow you off guard if you don't pay attention!  But at least it isn't raining as it has been here the last few days.  Some areas are flooded - always so sad.

Hubby got his first brace this week.  It goes from the bottom of his foot up to past his knee.  He is adjusting well to it.  He is wearing it in daily increased increments of 1 hour until he is able to wear it all waking hours.  I'm glad he is not struggling with it.  His biggest challenge is getting his heel into the shoe.  Now, yes, I could help and do that for him but I refuse to do so.  I told him he needs to figure it out and that it will get easier each passing day.  I need to be careful as I do not want him to become totally dependent!

Spring is in the air!  Yes, even for me I can get Spring fever.  I am going through bolts of canvases and trying to decide what I will actually use and what needs to be used by someone else!  LOL. This is hard for me because I love it all!


I love working on future lessons and trying to stay ahead of my next posting.  This week I am a little challenged as I am not seeing as well as normal.  But who knows, this might be my new normal.  Getting time for my visit to the doctor I suppose.

In the meanwhile, registration continues for the next classes.

The lovely Ornaments Galore offer us so many possibilities.  My brain goes crazy just looking at all the different techniques that we could utilize.

Those of you taking the Sea Shells and Chinese Lanterns class with us can get a pretty good idea of what some of the possibilities are.  But never fear, there will be some surprises along the way too.

Email us if you would like to participate in this 10-session class set to begin mid-May. for registering.  There is $150 deposit and the. 10-Session lesson fee is $300.

Also in the registration phase is the Encore for Three Wisemen.  This finished piece was so well received that there were enough requests to warrant offering it again.

This 8-Session repeat is slated to begin in mid-June.  If you would like to join us just email to to get onboard!


We are daily playing with the upcoming Retreat for September.  While we are featuring the fun and whimsy side of Gayla Elliott, there is much more going on also.

In addition to working on the Goody Bag to be distributed on the first night during the Reception, there is much more on the agenda.  Those of you who have traveled with us on our Stitching Cruises know exactly what I am talking about.   We are daily working on surprises to be sprung on you whenever!

Doesn't this look like a serene place to take a nap?  Oh wait!  It is and I have!

You really do not want to miss out!  Email us to get your registration packet and to get any questions you may have answered!  You will have a blast!  We promise!  Email to


As soon as our suitcases get unpacked, it will be time to do laundry and repack.  Our fabulous Greece Island Stitching Cruise is in October 11-23, 2023.

Our travel agent is in Greece on this sister cruise now so she should be prepared for most anything that we imagine! We are so excited as we continually send out brochures as requested.

I love the itinerary - look at all the islands we will visit - and I especially love that we will visit Venice once again. So, Italy, Greece and Turkey all in one swoop!

Email to get your brochure at  We'd love to have you join us!

Don't forget to visit our Etsy Shop occasionally!   Always something going on there too -  DuoDesignsbySandra

Stay safe!

Saturday, March 18, 2023


Those of you who follow me personally know what h _ _ _ the Arthur Acres household has been experiencing.  We had severe storms come through Kentucky and unfortunately we at the Acres did not totally escape damage.  Thankfully, there were no injuries nor severe property damages incurred - more than we can say for a lot of our fellow residents.

On March 3 we had the misfortune of having 100+ year old tree that resided next to our home just totally blow over!  Now this tree was protected by the house in addition to having what  would think was a substantial root base.  Well, Mother Nature said move over - you are in my way.   

Look at that root ball!  It is as wide as our house is tall!

See that utility pole in the background of the tree top - the tree showed no mercy!

We were without power until March 10th in addition to all other utilities - land line, cable, and most importantly Internet.  We did not get our Internet and other services reinstalled until March 14th -  it seemed like an eternity.   I did manage to get out one day and get to the library to send out essential responses as best I could.

Now, make no mistake about it, we are very blessed and fortunate.  Our adventure was a major nuisance but thankfully it is all material.  We are currently trying to play catch up!  Thank you all for your patience.


We were so grateful to get our Internet in time to share our Online Class Sessions.

This month we bid farewell to our sweet pink ostrich - Bestie.  She and froggie were so fun to do.

Besties have three companion pieces as well:
We are really moving along on our Chinese Lanterns project.  We added another lantern to the finished side!

Sea Shells on Sea Shore was given the various sand interpretations for this session.

Looking forward, registration is active for the next classes of the Encore for Three Wisemen: Hope to begin this Encore class mid-June 2023.

And another great opportunity to experience several techniques, threads and embellishments on JP Needlepoint's Ornaments Galore. Anticipate class to be starting Mid-May 2023.

Email us at to join the fun.


I will post this in the private group as well but I wanted to suggest that those of you who are paying payments in advance for the Retreat at General Butler Resort State Park please make sure that you have received an email from me acknowledging that payment.  With the crazy Internet problems we've had I want to make sure none have fallen through the cracks.  email us at if you think you have made a payment that we have not acknowledged.

Have you figured out our recent post?  Gonna be fun!

The riddle was:  What on earth is this? Whatever is it for? What will he/she do with it?
All will be revealed at the upcoming Retreat!  Be sure to get registered and join in the fun!

Email us at


As we anticipate our upcoming Greek Isles Stitching Cruise in October we daydream of what one of our bucket list items will be like in real life. What might that bucket list be? Visiting Santorini! I cannot imagine a whole community working in unison to share a theme of pristine white buildings with the beautiful blue accents! WOW! I think it is evident that I am excited about this particular visit as it is the theme of our Optional Cruise Project - Santorini Splendor.
What are you eagerly looking forward to experiencing with us!

Email with questions to and request your very own brochure.

If you need a quickie little basket stuffer, we have these sweet little (6") bunnies that can be personalized.  We do not have enough to list in our Etsy shop as supplies are very limited.  Email us at

I think I've touch a lot of issues so I'm off to clean up some other issues!  Till next time . . .