Saturday, July 30, 2022


On a personal note, hubby finally had his glaucoma and cataract surgery.  He managed quite well.  Also had consultation for second opinion of his foot surgery situation.   

Two more weeks and we head to Minnesota for our long awaited retreat.  It will begin with our Crazy Needles Quilt Pincushion project class for the first day. Then on to 3 days of embellishment with the fun canvases we shared with you earlier.

I can't wait to share my ideas with these ladies.  We are going to have so much fun - especially me!


Chinese Lanterns class registrations are now closed. Woo Hoo!  The model is almost completely stitched!  Oh gosh I really love how this turned out.  Keep in mind now that I am not into orientally-themed stuff but the techniques in this piece blow my mind. It will be a real challenge for me to reduce these lessons into a commercial stitch guide.  After the first class each lesson becomes a manuscript!

Make sure you have joined the group before the posting of the first lesson scheduled for mid-August!  Just around the corner.

Next up:

Yep, she finally made it off the shelf and into the lineup.  

This sweet little ostrich is a member of the LONG NECK FRIENDS gang.  This design is BESTIES and features a pink princess with her best friend the green frog prominently settled in his place of honor upon her snout!


Miss Fluff and friend Froggie are hand painted on 18 ct canvas.  The design area is approximately 6"x 10" on a cut canvas of approximately 13" x 15".  This class will be divided into 6 sessions.  The sessions will be shared once a month approximately mid-month. These lessons are posted in a pdf format and you may access them at any time you desire day and/or night and as many times as you desire.

To register send email to

We are also looking for our future Online Classes so keep your eyes open and share with us what you would like to play with.

We did a quickie poll this past week and Seashells on the Shore won hands down:
This Alice Peterson Design is on18 mesh canvas.  The design area is approximately 10" wide by 8" high.  The cut canvas size is approximately 14" wide by 12" high. We anticipate this class beginning mid-February 2023.  

To register email us at and we will send you an invoice for the $150 deposit.  This deposit is non-refundable and is applied to reserving your hand painted canvas.   The canvases have been ordered.  Once those are spoken for, a standby list will be created. Additional registration will be determined by the availability of canvases so keep that in mind if you want to participate.  You must register with deposit right away. -

The lesson packet will be invoiced after the first of the year so no urgency there.  First draft indicated a possibility of 8 sessions - more may be necessary - we'll see.

We are working with a shop to determine threads/embellishments that will be an option for those desiring assistance in that area. This will be the next deadline because of availability from suppliers.  

First priority:  If you are sure you don't want to miss this fun class contact us right away and make your deposit to reserve your canvas and place in the class!

Until next week- - - -

Saturday, July 23, 2022


It seems that all we do is go to the doctor, have done whatever needs to be done and then spend the rest of our free time doing follow up visits - we have pre opt, opt, follow up - and reschedule,  follow up and follow up!  so long story short - I think after a certain birthday one's social life is full of visits to doctors with follow ups thereafter!

Hubby is scheduled for glaucoma and cataract surgery that has been rescheduled twice - thank you Covid!  So we are hopeful this time it will happen. Fingers crossed! 



Only a few more days left to join this class.  Canvases are available - no biting fingernails waiting to see if you get them in time for the class.  Tomorrow is deadline for ordering the thread kit from the shop that is doing a special reorder if interested so need to get email to us right away - 

There's a little bit of everything in this one!  Beads, Ribbon, Specialty Threads and oh my goodness the techniques!  But I don't want to reveal too much and spoil the surprises.  Come join us!

CHINESE LANTERNS - First Class Mid-August

The embellishment kits are so colorful!  Oh my at the cut glass beads!  I gotta give you a sneak peek!  

Look at that light!  I love the movement that is suggested.

I just can't help myself! I'm having the best time!


I am getting some feedback as to canvases you might be interested in having showcased in our Online Classes.  Keep suggesting!  It is appreciated.

One sweet gal on the drawing board is our Besties from the Longneck Friends Series.  While our life was taking drastic detours she sort of got pushed back on the shelf.  I can guarantee there will be lots of fluff and fuzz on this young lady - that's how I envision the ostrich.

Some of her other friends include:

That's all I have for this week.  Stay safe  - and if in our area - be smart and stay cool!

Sunday, July 17, 2022


Most of you know what that means - lesson time.  Yesterday we posted the second session of the Three Wisemen!   This lesson covers the last of the background! Next month we get to start working on the Wisemen!    


After a few covid bumps and rescheduling we are finally going to play with the ladies in Minnesota - Needlework Guild of Minnesota!  Kits are almost ready!  Plugging in thread names and colors on a few last minute changes for the embellishment classes too.  We have all looked so forward to this get together and it promises to be great fun - and I'm told very relaxing surroundings,  There will be several familiar faces among the participants so going to be kinda like a mini-reunion too!  Very excited that we are closer to making this happen!


    NOTICE:  All participants of Chinese Lanterns have been invited to join the Private Facebook Group!  Make sure you can access the group as that is where the lessons will be posted.

We are just 1 month away from posting our first session in the colorful and exciting Chinese Lanterns by JP Needlepoint.  
I have stated many times that I live in the 'country' and not citified (is that a word?) at all.  Anyway, beautiful Oriental themes would be so out of place in our home.  That does not mean that I cannot appreciate their beauty however.  This piece just screamed techniques to me.  I knew that I would share processes that can be used by the participants for years to come on any themed canvases. Even as I prepare each session I think of another design where I can utilize what I am doing.  It is great fun but kinda frustrating when one can only do so much at a time. (Notice that I did not say 'only do one project at a time.) That is one reason I have too many projects going in different project bags at the same time.  I love it however!  That's my MO and it drives my kids crazy! Little pleasures - tee hee! (that's the old fashioned lol)

If you would still like to join in the class you may do so.  However, there are no more thread kits - sold out.  Just email us at This is a 12-session class so that gives you a hint as to the fact there is a lot to cover!  It's all fun however!

FORWARD - - - -

Getting ready to look into adding the next Online Class.  We are auditioning some designs and welcome your requests.  Here's a few possibilities now.  These Hearts from DeeDee looks promising. Quite a few techniques come to mind.

We also have Happy Hearts from Penny MacLeod. This one has 25 squares!  
We could try to do 2 a month and keep it to 12 sessions if there is enough interest.

As many of you who takes classes from me already know, the choices we make are majorly (that word typed looks ugly to me - hmm) impacted by the technique possibilities.  

Email us at if there is a piece that you are burning to do and we'll see if it fits and if others are interested.


Little personal note.  I have shared with some of you that the raccoons at Arthur Acres are obnoxious.  In the early morning (right now it is a few minutes after 4 am) I crack open the door so the cat that isn't mine (I keep telling myself after 6 months + ha ha) can go outside for a little while.  He is, after all, part dog and lets us know when he wants to go out.  Well this morning here is what happened . . .

Yep, he didn't even wait to be invited

I had to remind him that was not happening and sent him on his way.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Time keeps sneaking up on me - - -

Holiday is over - where did that go?  Now in the crunch phase of getting ready for August retreats. 

The Needlework Guild of Minnesota is occupying a great deal of my time right now.  Our first project is the Crazy Quilt Pincushion.  Got the remaining threads needed (a big plus in today's market) and now in process of kitting.

Then we're working on the individual stitch guides for the 3-day embellishment class. I'm always surprised at the number of people who opt to purchase the full stitch guide - but, then again, maybe I'm not.  Lots of fun canvases to play with so I enjoy it very much.

I'm very much looking forward to the event as the location seems to be quite serene and peaceful with minimal distractions.


CHINESE LANTERNS by JP Needlepoint is well on its way.  All canvases have been shipped to those enrolled.  Thread and embellishment kits are on track and should be forwarded soon.

NOTE:  If you have paid the class fee then you should have received your invitation to the private Facebook Group.  Let us know right away if you have not received one.  Check your spam.  Also make sure we are friends - if not send a friend request and email me that you have sent a friend request.  We do not automatically accept friend requests. email to  The class is scheduled to begin mid-August!  I understand that all the thread kits are spoken for. 

Gotta get back to these SGs - more next week.

Sunday, July 3, 2022


So much going on here at Arthur Acres in preparation for the classes scheduled for the rest of the year. I don't know how I end up getting so many things going on when my intent was to back off a little - LOL. Well obviously I have not grasped that concept yet.


Registration is now closed for the upcoming Chinese Lanterns from JP Needlepoint.  It amazes me how much joy I get from playing with various areas and threads all the while thinking of you the participants.  

When I think I outdid myself on one area along comes another full of surprises!  I can't wait to share with you.

Due to the manufacturer shipping schedules we will hold off beginning this class until mid-August.  I would like for as many as possible to have their supplies before we start.  I know that is disappointing as well as I know that none of you have anything to stitch on (remember I know who you are - lol).  So just chill for a couple more weeks and we will get going.  It will be well worth the wait!


As noted below we have a lot going on in August.  If you have not yet registered for the NeedleFest in PA be sure to do so before it is too late.  Our Pumpkin Spiced Tea class includes interesting stitches and threads and one of the highlights is needle felting and other stumpwork techniques.

Beading on Needlework is another workshop.  Here we will share information about the different beads, how to attach, what to look for, etc.  These techniques can be used for cross-stitch, needlepoint and most embroidery mediums.

Next up is our Retreat with the Needlework Guild of Minnesota on August 10 through August 14.  We have had to reschedule this fantastic group a couple of times and now looks like we're gonna make it!  The airline tickets have been purchased!
We start off with a cute pincushion that is a 1-day class.

We have some news about our participation in the upcoming Boothbay, ME Retreat hosted by Art Needlepoint Co.  The $150 deposit is now refundable. The full registration fee of $795 includes the breakfasts and dinners, door prizes, etc.  

We have so much to cover in this 2-day venue!  Our Sunday Dress has been such fun to stitch and I know you will enjoy the adventure as well.

Read all about registration here!


DAY 10

Another memory filled adventure with great friends must once again come to an end.  We all gather up our belongings and head to the airport to catch our various flights home.  During this hustle and bustle we begin rearranging our mind set and thinking about the reality of our day-to-day lives again.  

But in the back of our mind lurks the vision of our next adventure to Greece!


August 4-7, 2022

Pumpkin Spiced Tea

Beading on Needlework

NeedleFest Summer Getaway held in St. Davids (King of Prussia), PA 

Hosted by Needleworker's Delight. To register contact host at

August 10-14, 2022

Private Retreat with MN Guild

September 30-October 1, 2022

Sunday Dress

Hosted by The Art Needlepoint Co

Boothbay, ME 

November 30-Dec 4, 2022

Colors of Christmas Needle Roll

Beary Winterland

Christmas in Williamsburg

Kingsmill Resort

Williamsburg, VA

May 6-7, 2023

Winter Cardinal

Raleigh, NC

Hosted by the Raleigh ANG Chapter - for details