Saturday, May 28, 2022


Our son and his lovely bride to be will be exchanging wedding vows today in a lovely outdoor venue.  Ashland, the home of Kentucky Statesman Henry Clay, has beautiful garden locations for hosting these events. There will be a fantastically catered brunch and all is going to be fabulous as long as the weather cooperates. Fingers crossed!


Three Wisemen for those who have paid their class fee be sure to join the private FaceBook Group. You should have received an invitation and you must accept 'Join' to be included.  This is where all the action is!  Send an email to if you did not get the invitation notice. Soon!  Soon!

Chinese Lanterns by JP Needlepoint continues to receive registrations.  If you want to join just email us at In the meanwhile we are having so much fun picking beads and gems for the various areas.  I really must contain myself and not go too wild.  Do you see any bead possibiities - LOL?

F2F Classes

Just a couple more days and we head up North to play with the wonderful people at the Osterville Needlepoint Shop in Mashpee, MA on Cape Cod.  So many repeaters that we feel like we are just having a fun reunion and just happen to be stitching, sharing and learning as we go.  And heck, the shopping!  The shop has added several threads and expanded on what they had.  Can't wait to get my hands on them! Chinese Lanterns and Sunday Dress are going with me to make sure we are not missing a super, must-have thread to include.

The show stopper is a 2-day project class taught by Teresa Kinberger for the first 2 days.  What she has done to this mermaid is amazing. (As an aside she just sent me a note that the hair goes on forever - lol!)

Can't wait to share pictures with you next week!  

Then I will be teaching 2 days of embellishments.  Such a diverse array of designs and playing opportunities!
Yes there is a lady swinging on a chandelier!  Do you think there might be some bling there?  The student will need sunglasses to work on this one - lol! I love the variety I am challenged with - this group never disappoints!

NEEDLES 'N FINS STITCHING ADVENTURES - be sure to join the group

HAWAII is looming ahead of us.  It is hard to believe we have tried to do this cruise for  multiple years (thank you Covid)!  Registration is active and we are starting to get itchy feet! The main optional class project is done and those who have purchased same have their kits.  As usual, surprises are lurking in my bag of tricks!

Day 4 by now we have explored the ship and found where to eat and where to settle in and stitch (or nap, or sun, or snack, or drink, or chat).  

Today we visit the popular island of Maui.  Some of our non-stitchers are excited at the possibility of taking in 18 holes on the fantastically beautiful golf courses.  Plenty of time to play at your leisure.  We will be docked overnight here.

There is much to see and do in Lahaina while we are here.  Art galleries for those interested, souvenir shops to take care of those 'must take back to . . .", and even air fairs.  

And while you are relaxing look over the optional tours that might interest you for tomorrow - 

Now, be sure to contact Liz - our agent at  There are some great bonuses on the table currently so don't let them slip away!

Until next week!

Saturday, May 21, 2022

 MAY 21

Oops!  I think I missed a posting.  Sorry.  Too much going on at Arthur Acres.

Let's speak a bit about the Online Classes.

Three Wisemen from The Art Needlepoint Company.

We are so pleased with the end results of this fabulous piece.  Embellishment packets were mailed out last week.  The shop is awaiting a couple more threads and then we will be all set to go!  So excited to share this adventure with those registered.

Next up is CHINESE LANTERNS from JP Needlepoint.  You know we are going to have tons of fun with this one!

The first group of canvases were shipped out last week and they should be arriving to their new homes in the next day or so if not already there.  The next batch will go out soon.  It is not too late to join us.  We are in the process of determining what threads and embellishments we are going to play with on this adventure. Each day I jot down something new that occurred to me while working on something else.  Of course there will be beads galore and ribbon too.  Fancy threads to be sure. Oooooo I am so anxious to start!  Email us at if you want to play with us.  This is a 12 session class. The classes are posted in a private FaceBook Group in pdf format so student may work and study at their own pace,. 

F2F Classes

Oh my!  Less than two weeks away from our play date at Osterville Needlepoint on beautiful Cape Cod, MA.  Teresa (the other half of Duo Designs) is stitching a wonderful project class on this fantastic mermaid,

Wait until you see what she has done with many of these areas!  I believe a couple had to cancel and that there may be openings available.  Check with the shop for details.  This is a 2-day class. 

I will be teaching embellishment classes for 2 days.  A wonderful diverse group of canvases have be selected and always provide a creative challenge.   Stop by and see us!


Let's move up the coast a little bit to  Boothbay, Maine for a Fall Retreat hosted by The Art Needlepoint Company on  September 30 - October 1, 2022.  Classes are being finalized and deposits are being made.  This is a small venue so space is limited and once filled there can be no add ons.  

I will be teaching the fun, fun piece Sunday Dress.  The hats drew me to this piece.  Just look at the embellishment opportunities!

I see so much going on here - organza, eyelets, straw, suede, ribbon - oh my!  Be sure to go over to the link below and look at the details and register while you can.  You don't want to miss the beautiful Coast and view the Fall foliage, the ocean, the breeze - oh we won't mention the food! 


All of us are so excited to be looking forward to our next adventure - Hawaiian Island Hopping Stitching Adventure!

On Day 3 we leave Honolulu and board our beautiful ship the Pride of America.  Before boarding you have a day full of adventuring possibilities as you continue to explore on your own. You may want to just hang out on the beach.  You might want to visit one of the two local well known needlepoint shops. Have you visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial?  There is also Diamond Head.  So much to see or do.  But wait . . .

Be sure to board the ship before 4 pm!  We don't want them to leave without us!  

Once we board we will use the late afternoon to get use to the geography of the ship, attend our required safety meeting and then prepare ourselves for our first dinner onboard!

After dinner you can relax in the lounge, on deck or even do some stitching!

Staterooms are filling quickly!  Remember we have a few that have the earlier contracted prices so there is a chance of a savings.  

AND NCL's special offer of buy one get one economy airfare free is still in place.  They warn that they can pull this special bonus at any time.  Check with our agent Liz at right away to take advantage of these specials!

Lots more to share but ran out of time today!  Have a great weekend!

Saturday, May 7, 2022

May 7

May already!  Oh dear!


     NOTE:  The threads and embellishments needed for this class have been posted in the Three Wisemen private group.  Visit your LNS and start gathering your supplies.  If you need to order a packet you must do so by Monday because of the tremendous lead time needed on orders. Class is slated to begin June 15.


What better way to experience Fall than being in Boothbay, Maine during the leaf turning time.  The fantastic sea coast area will be delightful to explore when not stitching.  Retreat currently scheduled for classes on September 30 -October 1, 2022.

We are fortunate enough to be teaching a fabulous piece where we will share unbelievable embellishing techniques.   Sunday Dress is wayyyyyy cool! Imagine those hats!  Oh my!

Visit the host The Art Needlepoint Company to register.  Space is limited so don't tarry too long!

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures - private FB page - join now!

Our next adventure is the Hawaiian Island Hopping Stitching Cruise where we visit four - yes FOUR - islands.  This is going to be fabulous.  We will have 2 days before boarding our ship so get some extra rays, a little shopping (cough, cough) and lots of sightseeing.

WOW!  This just in from our agent concerning Hawaiian cruise:

If you are interested in joining the group and looking to a deal on airfare,  please note that NCL has a special airfare promotion... 2nd person flys free.  
This only applies to economy air and you can split the savings with your traveling partner!  
Kindly let me know if interested asap as this can change at any time and hold times with the cruise line are very long.
Name changes are not allowed.
For those of you who have booked, I did add this to your record and working on your invoices to reflect this.
Also, Hawaii does have a tax fluctuates as components are added to your booking, such as air, transfers, excursions, etc..  This too will be reflected on your invoices.  
If you have any questions, please reach out to me.  
Elizabeth Wolak
Group Manager
Viking Travel Service
700 Pasquinelli Drive
Westmont, IL 60559
P:  1-800-233-3963

If you are interested in being added to the eblast for these types of announcements, send an email to Liz at and ask her to add you to Sandy's list.



Memories of Hawaii


Come away with an awesome souvenir that you actually stitch on your Hawaiian Stitching Cruise!  So much to see and do on this fabulous trip. Much of our wonderful adventures are stitched in thread on this fantastic memory!


This is an Optional Class Kit.  Optional means that stitching cruise participants are not required to purchase this kit if they choose not to do it.  They may bring something from home from their stash and work on areas they seek assistance with from Duo Designs, Inc. teachers – Sandra and Teresa. 


The Optional Class Kit is hand painted on 18ct Zweigart canvas. The design area is approximately 10” x 11”. The cut canvas is approximately 15” x 16”.  This design commemorates all the islands we will be visiting.  It highlights some of the fabulous icons of Hawaii such at the USS Arizona Memorial. You can’t think Hawaii and not see visions of sand, water, swaying palm trees and beautiful hibiscus and plumerias!


The kit includes all the threads needed to stitch the canvas.  Participants will receive the full kit, without the stitch guide, in time to arrange their project in a manner suitable to them before we leave for our adventure.  You should mount your canvas on stretcher bars; bring normal stitching supplies such as sundry needles, scissors, laying tool, and special needs such as magnification.  Participants from previous trips tell us that the light is more than sufficient on these journeys.  You are welcome to bring extra, however, if you choose.


We have lots of surprises planned while on our cruising adventures. There will be stitching galore – guaranteed!


Email us if you would like to receive your own personal brochure at Travel questions should be directed to our agent Liz at


Come join us!


The materials list has been posted in the private FB Group for Three Wisemen.  As noted above, if you need assistance with materials please email by this Monday.  Embellishment packet is available separately for those needed.

Registration is progressing for the upcoming class of Chinese Lanterns.  This class will be limited in size so if you have not ordered your canvas or registered for the class do so right away.  Email us at for information on ordering the canvas. 

The class will have 12 sessions mostly one a month but a couple may have 2 a month.  A materials list will be posted to the private FB Group prior to class starting. You can shop your LNS or stash for materials.  If assistance is needed we will be working with a shop to help those that do not have a LNS.  We plan to begin this class mid-July.  Ordered canvases will be shipped the first part of July. Stay posted.

I'm so excited to get my needle on this canvas!  So much to share!

Okay that's it for today - until next week - - remember to Stitch with a Smile!