Saturday, December 4, 2021


Uniquely Yours With a Twist was such a fun experience.  We started off with major Internet issues, equipment problems, then life got in the way with family health issues.  But hey, we still managed to have a great time as we worked through each hurdle.  Certainly the participants may take full credit for the success of this first session. As anyone who will listen has heard me say time and time again, I have the greatest students!  They make me better! The results that have been shared are spectacular!

We plan to start Uniquely Yours Season II December 15 (just around the corner) so if you would like to join us send us an email right away to

Uniquely Yours Season II is made up of 10 Zoom sessions where you are challenged to move out of your box and comfort zone.  Maybe you just need that extra nudge to get that canvas out of the closet.  Maybe you  have hit a brick wall and have been stalled but need an extra push.  How about a fresh outlook at how you approach your stitching?. We are a sister/brotherhood that shares ideas and encouragement.  No negativity is allowed in our Zoom rooms!

Our sessions are made up of 30 minutes where you experience various stitches or techniques.  These are illustrated as you watch actual stitch execution. You will receive - prior to the actual meeting - an email of the diagrams illustrated so that you may follow along and read the diagram as it is shown to help you understand how the stitch is added to your canvas,  You may print the diagrams for your personal use.

There is still time to join this next group of stitchers as we play.  For more information email us at and get registered!  First session begins Wednesday, December 15, 7 pm EST.  Come join in!

Our One-on-One sessions have so much to offer. We have the luxury to study your canvas together and hear what you would like your project to end up like when it grows up.  We have had some beautiful canvases to play with and seen lovely results but, most of all, we have developed some lovely new friends and strengthened some current ones as well.


Our upcoming Online Class registration - The 3 Wiseman  - is doing well.  We have folks who want their printed. canvas to be on 14 ct., some 16 ct and some 18 ct so we are covering all grounds.

Payments are spread out for your convenience.  First, when you register, shortly thereafter you will be invoiced for the printed canvas - $86 plus $16 S/H.  Then about a month prior to the first class posting you will be billed for the lesson packet which will be 8 posted lessons in a private Facebook Group for $225.  A third option will involve an optional thread/embellishment kit prepared by a needlepoint shop to assist those who do not have the luxury of a local needlepoint shop.

If you wish to join us on this adventure just email us at so we can add you to the list.  There will, of course, be bling!

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!