Saturday, August 28, 2021


Yep, we are definitely in the South this week!  Supposedly temperatures are to start dropping soon and get us in the mid to low 60's.  We are looking forward to that break.

This weather gives us a great excuse to stay inside and work on our upcoming Uniquely Yours With a Twist Zoom Classes starting soon.  We are continually seeing new canvases as participants share with the group what they are going to be working on.  I am so excited to see the wide diversity represented in those chosen.

After the Zoom Class is over, participants can gather in their private Facebook Group and share their thoughts as to where and how they plan to use the taught stitch of the week or how they may be going to adjust it to use on their particular canvas.  Maybe they see the stitch in a particular fun thread.  Maybe they see the stitch in a very specific space.  Or maybe they are challenged to find a space to use the stitch that might require thinking outside the box.  Whatever it is, it should not be dull nor boring!

If you would like to join us just email us at  This is a 12 week adventure beginning September 15 with makeup date of September 18.  The weekly classes will be each Wednesday at 7 pm EST and Saturday at 1 pm EST.  Mark your calendars.


We are on our way.  Kits have been mailed and scheduled dates involving classes have been shared with the appropriate groups, We are all getting excited to start the individual projects! Just a few more days until our first Zoom introduction.

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

This past week we managed to get some of the smaller canvases download into the shop.  Have you seen the Vehicles series?  So cute!


There is also a submarine, a helicopter and a train engine as well as a Cloud and sunshine if making a mobile. These can be cute stand ups, ornaments, hand toys, etc.

Check them out - very manageable.

We are also starting to add some of our cross-stitch chartpaks to the Shop.  This week we added Colors of Christmas It has been a long time favorite of ours. This can be a needle roll, pincushion or insert.


I trust you have made copies of the notebook pages and are ready to get going.  

The first stitch I am going to share with you is the skip tent stitch. This is a stitch that can multi-task!  It can be a background stitch, clothing, flooring, plants, animals, almost anywhere you can see using a semi-open fill.  

The stitch is worked similar to the basketweave - which means diagonally.  Just follow the numbering.

Enjoy and stay safe!

Saturday, August 21, 2021


We are off to a great start in registration for our upcoming Zoom Class - Uniquely Yours With a Twist - that we announced last weekend. As announced we will begin our first session on September 15.  However, we have added an additional session to be held on the following Saturday.  Participants will have the opportunity to watch twice if desired but more importantly if one cannot attend one session that have a second chance to view the alternative date. These sessions are not filmed for sharing.

The class is made up of 12 sessions - once a week - each session 30 minutes.  You provide your own canvas and thread - great stash buster - and we provide stitches.  You will be provided stitch diagrams, demonstrations and suggestions for threads - you decide where to place the stitch on your very own canvas. Sometimes we may interject how a stitch might be used - boards, beach, background, etc.

The pictures of the canvases being posted promise to provide lots of fun and interesting results.  It will be amazing to see them all when they are downloaded.  Such a diverse group of subject matter! Can't wait until the end of session 12!

You still have time to join us so email us at to enroll and we'll get an invoice out to you for $100 total for all 12 sessions! After registration is processed, you will be invited to a private FB Group where you can discuss the stitch provided and share ideas with each other. Don't wait too long because registration closes September 8.

This is the first of several planned session groups.


What fun I've had this week digging through my old files to find the form I shared with my students.  This is a group of stitches I shared way back many years ago.  They were called "Wednesday Whimseys". 

Attached below is the information on how to set up a notebook for those who desire to do so.  Also shared is the form used to save various stitches and information about them to reserve your work. The form was designed to fit the baseball card sheet protector that is readily available at office supplies and hobby shops.

We suggested saving the work in plastic protector sheets historically used for baseball cards. These protector sheets are designed to fit in 3-ring binders.  Very convenient to have. The form provides a means to document the thread, a stitched sample and the diagram.

Here's a sample of a completed page:

Note there is space for 3 stitch examples.

Get your system in place and plan to begin with our first stitch next week!

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

Are you looking for some cutesy little animals?  There are new canvases being shared in the Etsy store for you to purchase.  These can be used for stand ups, inserts, ornaments, hand toys and mobiles - just to name a few. Hop over and have a look.  More are being added as time allows.

Until next week stay safe and remember to Stitch With a Smile!

Saturday, August 14, 2021

 HOT AND HUMID here in Central Kentucky!

Yesterday we had a horrendous storm at Arthur Acres.  Hubby said he believed that was the loudest thunder he ever heard! Scary lightning! And torrential rains!  Guess it is that tropical storm heading up our area.

I'm playing the nursing mother this weekend as I sit with my homebound daughter (Teresa - the other half of Duo Designs) to give my son-in-law a little break.  We all need a little relief every now and then.


I am just about ready to post my lessons for my upcoming classes.  First up will be Heloise Hooty!.  We plan to send her kits out Monday barring no complications.  You will receive a notice when the mailing actually occurs so you can watch for your kit.



We will be introducing a new way for us to share suggestions for stitches and threads for your canvas! We are introducing two new venues.  We will start with personal one-on-one workshops.  If you have a canvas on which you would like to have a private one-on-one workshop email me at for details .  Each session will be a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours.  


Pick a canvas!  A unique way to tackle that canvas sitting in your stash that you are not sure where to start or just have some fun with a brand new canvas.  Either way you'll end up with a canvas that is uniquely yours.

I give you the stitch, I give you the graph for the stitch and I give you a demonstration or explanation for the stitch.  You decide where to incorporate on your project canvas.

We'll be exploring stitches and threads in this unique class.  Bring your own canvas to life with a multitude of stitches, techniques and variety of threads.  You use up some of those threads in your stash.  You will need to have for the class: 1 overdye thread , 1 boucle, 1 metallic, 1 shiny non-metallic (like Patina, Panache, Rayon), 1 ribbon like (Neon Rays), 1 silk straw,  1 fuzzy (Legacy, Artic Rays, Fuzzy Stuff) and of course your main thread color in Pepper Pot Silk, Planet Earth, Vineyard Silk or silk of your choice.  

You will receive one 30 minute Zoom session @7 p.m. each week for the cost of $100 for the complete 12 sessions class.  The class will include a minimum of 12 stitches/techniques during the 12 week class.  You will receive your Zoom link and a more detailed description upon receipt of your class fee.  Additionally you will receive an invitation to a private FaceBook Group where you may share your progress and see other unique approaches by your fellow participants.

Uniquely Yours with a Twist will have its first session September 15.   Don't wait to sign up and get your spot in this fun adventure.  Deadline for signing up and paying your class fee is September 8.  Email me at and I will send you a Paypal invoice for the class fee.  Looking forward to spending time with each of you and seeing your unique creations!


We have quite a few new followers who were not around way back when I shared our weekly notebook stitches. More recently our blog included the weekly stitches of Hearts A to Z (you can scroll back and catch them if you missed them the first time).  It was decided that in our Saturday chats it might be fun to introduce a stitch or technique and reintroduce some items from our 2011-13 Website Notebook shares.  We, of course, always welcome requests along the way.  If there is a particular stitch or technique you would like explained or maybe just see approached in a different way, simply send an email to and we will give it a shot.

We will begin next week with the tried and true form we used previously and share how we suggested you save the fruits of your labors for future reference.  

So get those requests over to us and we will begin next Saturday with our first stitch!

ETSY SHOP - DuoDesignsbySandra

Have you visited our Etsy Shop lately?  We have started adding canvases to the listings as time permits.  Don't miss out.  Also do you have your books in the Pocketbook Series?  We are getting ready to introduce two more new ones so stay tuned for those as well.  One way to keep up with what is going on is to follow our Blog by registering above and favoring the shop at Etsy.

OK - got a lot to do to get these adventures finalized!

Sunday, August 8, 2021

 AUGUST!  And very, very humid here in Central Kentucky!

Things have been a little quiet and has allowed me to get kits organized and partially ready for the ANG Virtual Seminar just around the corner,  I want to give a big shout out to the vendors.  Those who do have product in stock have very timely gotten my orders sent to me ASAP. I feel very lucky on that front.  I have had to make minimal substitutions thankfully.

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures

I hope everyone was able to access the brochure for our upcoming Hawaiian Island Hopping Stitching Cruise.  We have lots of time to prepare but I wanted to make sure you have the dates so you could block them off on your calendar.  Be sure to mark April 13-22, 2023 for another exciting adventure!

Face-2-Face Classes

Right now my time is consumed with writing stitch guides for our classes at Osterville Needlepoint in Mashpee, MA (Cape Cod).  So many diverse canvases!  Keeps the brain active!  Love sharing my ideas and working with the stitchers for their input as well.

Well as I stated earlier it is very humid here and my energy level is zilch!  Just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know all is good at Arthur Acres.

Stay safe and take care!