Saturday, July 25, 2020


Okay, do you think it is the pandemic that is making my weeks suddenly shorter?  I thought it was supposed to work the other way around.  I thought my days were supposed to be long and boring. That being said I have been fortunate to have very full and busy days.  I hope they have also been fruitful.  Of course if you see my dining room table, kitchen tables and bars, game table, etc. (well, in this case you can't see them because they are all covered with spread-out partial kits in various stages)  and mailing boxes at the ready waiting for canvases and additional threads you will know right away that a lot is going on at Arthur Acres.  My dear hubby lives with his life in danger if he touches or moves anything!  I am such a disorganized individual that I know where it is but if it is moved I'm in major trouble.

Got word yesterday that one small order (very small) of my painted canvases has been shipped.  Don't know the system because it is not the oldest order, not the largest order, and not the largest nor smallest canvas.  I will not, however, be judgmental, just thankful to see some activity.  My most anxiously awaited canvas is the one for optional class for the Hawaiian Stitching Cruise.  I so want to stitch on that one so I can share it with everyone.  In time, in time.


Class setups for the Virtual ANG Seminar 2020 are in full gear.  The wonderful volunteers have busily been putting together our classrooms and various groups for our chatting, photos and instructions.  This will be very exciting as a new adventure.  I love that it offers persons who cannot travel the opportunity to be a part of the Seminar happenings.  I know it is going to be a great experience.


Like most everyone else, I have not been able to get my haircut.  In fact it has not really been cut since around Christmastime other than edge trimming.  So after many government restrictions and lockdowns, etc., here in KY I was able to finally get an appointment over a month away.  Well that magic date happened this past week.  Praise be!  Just for the record my family (including my husband) has never seen me with long hair.  They have been living with a stranger the last 6 months or so.  Anyway, here is the new. cut.

I sure like the way it feels! Hopefully will be able to continue to get it trimmed on a regular schedule.  The way KY's numbers are going, however, it might be kinda iffy.


Reminder that registration is active for the upcoming classes:

The much anticipated Two by Two from Strictly Christmas:
This. class is slated to begin mid-September. Of course a lot depends on if the painters get the canvases out to the shops or not.  But we are flexible - right?  This is not life-or-death.  I am very optimistic that it is going to happen though.  Email me to to register.  This design will encompass 8 Sessions so the class fee is $175.

Next up will be the fully kitted Spring Welcome from PLD Needlepoint.

This guy is scheduled to begin in mid-October. While he will be presenting some stumpwork, appliqué, possibly needle weaving and beading, his main focus will be on needle felting on needlework.  This class will include the complete kit with the option to buy some more advanced tools as well.  More details will be forwarded to those who have registered for the notification list.  Be sure to not miss the fun.  To get on that list just send email to

Next up is a long-awaited cute guy - Lovable Llama from Gayla Elliott.

I understand that shops now have canvases or they are on their way!  Yooooo Hooooo!  This guy will begin mid-November.  We are working on thread and embellishment selections and will be able to get together a kit cost for those who were so interested.  It is not too late to join us - just email us at

We have committed to a class for 2021 also.  It will be the American Train by Raymond Crawford.

Each car will encompass pass 2 lessons for a total of 6 Sessions.  The first lesson is scheduled to begin mid-January 2021.

NEEDLES 'N FINS STITCHING ADVENTURES - FB group for stitchers and travelers

We are trying to prepare for our upcoming stitching cruise - Hawaiian Island Hopping scheduled for April 2021.  Right now NCL is not releasing much info about our itinerary other than what is on the standard brochure and the wonderful job they seem to be doing to get the ship safe for those traveling.  We have been working to get some stitching times arranged, etc.  Also, Hawaii has in the past imposed a quarantine to those coming in to the state which will not benefit us much.  As it stands now travelers just need to have with them negative test results 7 days prior to arriving in Hawaii.  Of course this changes back and forth so who knows by deadline time - December.  We will just take it one day at a time.  That is all we can do.

So lots going on and we are excited!

In the meanwhile please stay safe and healthy.


Brenda M. Cote said...

Sandy, Your new hair do is beautiful on you.

Sandy Arthur said...

Thank you Brenda. I have waited so long to be able to let it grow some and the pandemic came just in time. It feels great.