Saturday, May 16, 2020

Some Painters are Working! !

Such wonderful news!  I have been advised that some painters have been allowed to have supplies and work from home!  Lots of backorders so no idea when we will get what nor where we are on the order chain.  But it is what it is and I am thrilled that there is some movement.

NEEDLES 'N FINS STITCHING ADVENTURES - Private Group for Stitching Travelers

It is my understanding that my group's Tulips Cruise is next on the list for processing.  Hopefully UniWorld will be releasing money and credits soon.  There is not much we can do in the meanwhile.

I would like to take a small poll with you guy however.  If you feel so inclined I would like to hear from you about how various travel agencies have been handling your requests during this time of limited work hours, personnel, etc.  Seems different agencies are handling quite differently.  You can email me at or private message me on FB.  I would love to have your feedback.

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

I have been so busy stitching that I have not had time to add new items to the shop to replace some of the extras going out.

Do you knit?  I know most of us have another hobby in addition to our passion for needlepoint.  I know I have 1 or 2 or 5 or.  Anyway, we have these fun stitch markers over in the shop.  Go take a look.  Most are one of a kind.  I still have several I need to add to the shop.  A fun way to keep the various sections of your knitting marked - you know those sleeves, those pattern changes, etc.

Face-2-Face Classes

As shared with you previously just about everything has been cancelled or postponed.  We are awaiting instructions from ANG regarding the Seminar classes.  They are working through the possibility of offering some options so be sure to keep in touch with them.  Their website is - just follow the menus.

Online Mystery Classes

Yesterday we shared lessons in the ongoing Online Mystery Classes.

In At The Beach (oops!  you can tell where my mind is) Seashore - Sandra Gilmore design we completed the sofa and the pillows.  That area in itself could justify a full class!

For the Fall Welcome Wreath PLD designs we did a set of pumpkins and some red leaves and flowers.

We also had our first session in the Kissmas Eve PLD Designs class. We added wallpaper, and did the framing around the wall area.

Now we are focusing on sign ups for the next wave of classes.  Next in line is Lovable Llama-Gayla Elliott.  Then comes Just Add Water- CBK Designs and the wonderful Two By Two - Strictly Christmas Designs featuring Noah and all the animals.




To be included on the Notification List (no obligation) email us at  We all have our fingers crossed to get the canvases before the first lessons.  Be sure to get yours ordered NOW!  Your LNS will happily take care of you.  If you need assistance contact us and we will hook you up with a shop that is kitting these classes for us so you have no substitutions.


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