Saturday, February 1, 2020

February 1

Really?  February already!  Here we go 2020!  Don't forget Valentine's Day!


We completed another in the Butterfly Quickie Series this past few weeks. As each one is completed and added it becomes more difficult to decide which we like the best.

This gal displays her sew-on gems on her wing tips as she flutters along.  Glass tube beads have been added to the mix along with size 11 and size 15 seed beads.  There are only 2 designs left in the series for us to complete.  For those who have missed out and are interested there are a few canvases available along with stitch guides. (I do not have the full set and would have to order for missing ones if requested.)  Email us at  Scroll back to older files to view the ones that have been done so far.

Up next is this cutie:
And then this one last but not least.
Online Mystery Classes
I am very excited about the upcoming lineup for 2020.  As always we have lots of fun pieces to pique our creative juices.
At The Seashore by Sandra Gilmore has the wallpaper completed. See last week's post for the stitched area. I can't wait to share the flooring with the participants in a couple weeks.  I love it and I think they will too!

The first session for Fall Welcome Wreath with Scarecrow from PLD will also be shared.  This lesson includes the background and a very out of the box technique for the wreath.

 Joining us soon will be Kissmas Eve from PLD Designs and the delightful Loveable Llama from Gayla Elliott.  Registration is in progress for these guys.  If you would like to join us just send an email to and ask to be placed on the notification list.  They promise to be fun! 
Interest is brewing to add another Saturday Night Bathing Beauty to the line up.  This will be later in the year - probably Fall.  So far we are looking at this cutie.

Just email us at to join and if there is enough interest we will place her on the schedule.

BULLETIN!  I am so excited that Strictly Christmas shared a new design with us.  It is just the cutest Noah's Ark.  Wait until you see all the animals - and there are even hippos!  So excited!  It will be approximately 3 months before we get the canvas from the painter so I'll try to add it mid-September.  The design is 13.5" tall and 10.5" wide.  We have zebras, turtles, lions, birds, giraffes, yaks, elephants, bears, mice, penguins, piggies, cows, sheep and of coarse Noah.  Oh gosh, every time I look at it I see more - frogs and doves too and a beautiful rainbow.  Can't wait until the painting is completed to share with you.  Be sure to mark this one down.  I'll see if it is feasible to do in 8 lessons - might have to stretch out to 10 to do it justice but we'll have to wait and see.  Just stay tuned!  Precious, precious, precious for those little one's rooms. Of course you may register anytime for the class - it will be either $150 - 175 and begin mid-September.  Send email to

Etsy Shop - duodesignsbysandra

We are trying a new category in our Etsy Shop.  I shockingly discovered that I have more stitched models than I will ever use and more than my family can use as well.  Tragically they have come to live in some dresser drawers.  So I made the difficult decision to let some of them go.  While I love them and loved stitching them I feel it is a shame to have them stowed away in a drawer.  It dawned on me that there are people who might enjoy them so the new category was born.  I am listing items that have been completely stitched as well as some items that are mostly stitched but still need some finishing stitches done.  All areas have stitching on them for the class demonstrations.  For instance Steampunk Witch just needs the rest of the trees stitched, and areas of her skirt.  Most other major areas are stitched.  Anyway just watch and who knows maybe something will strike your fancy along the way.  Oh, I have not signed the pieces so that would be between just you and me if you get my drift.

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures

Our time for this adventure is being consumed with class preparations and deciding what excursions we want to take.  Since they are included in the price a few years ago we took them all.  Mother Nature has told us we need to be a little more selective now and realize that we can't do it all.  That does not stop us from soaking in the beautiful scenery, smells, sights, cafes and shops however. We somehow manage to find a few things we just must bring back with us.

We are working on class kits for the optional exclusive class - Windmill and Tulips - as supplies dwindle in.  Once everything is received the kits will be mailed to those who have signed up for this fun piece.  We'll be doing a plethora of stitches and techniques.  In additional to silks we are going to play with ribbons and metallics. All you need are stretcher bars and personal stitching items - such as magnification.  Lighting on the ships is generally great with no need to pack a light.

Still time to join us - just send email to for details. I'll start invoicing this weekend so watch for a PayPal invoice if you have signed up.

Kits will be mailed to individuals in plenty of time to get your personal stitching supplies together and get your canvas mounted on your stretcher bars.

Pay it Forward - Hearts A to Z Sampler

I have always liked this stitch. It is a great background stitch as well as fill for certain areas. The main difference in this stitch and a tied oblong cross is that the vertical stitch is much longer and tends to provide more coverage.

Well, I typed a bunch of stuff but I don't know where it went!  Anyway I said to stay warm and dry if you were experiencing weather similar to what we have here in Central Kentucky.  Until next time . . . remember to stitch with a smile!

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