Saturday, February 8, 2020


Our weather here in Central Kentucky is enough to drive you batty!  One day you freeze and the next day you think it is spring.  One night we have a fire in the fireplace and the next day hubby is sweating as he shovels the ashes.  Then the last few days it has been raining and foggy. Today we have everything snow covered and dreary.  I have heard 'them' say that if you don't like the weather in Kentucky just stick around a couple days and it will change totally.  That has definitely proven true this past week. Go figure.

I had a little hiccup this week.  I ended up in the hospital with the flu of all things.  But not the viruses going around today, no I had to be different.  My strain is the 2009 strain. I always knew I was running behind but didn't realize it went over in my health category also.

Exciting News!
We are going to be teaching at a Maine Retreat in October!  I can't wait.  October!  Really!  Leaf peeping on the coast of Maine!  What beauty are we going to encounter.  And it sounds so quaint and cozy!  I am bursting at the seams for this great face-to-face event.  Go look it over.  If you register you are requested to select class choices by first, second or third.  There are some very pretty and diverse designs so there surely is something there to interest you.  I'm kinda partial to Summer Rain and Peanut Butter and Jelly (sweet donkeys) - who can't love those faces! And the location!  I'm over the moon!  The coast of Maine in October. Check it out and come join us.  Here's direct link in case there is an issue with getting through below:

Spaces are limited so jump on this right now.

Before we head to Maine we are doing the exact opposite!

March 6-9 we are fortunate to be teaching at the Needle Nook of LaJolla annual retreat once more.  This is always a sold out event and such great fun.  Keep your eyes open next year for any possible openings as soon as registration is open. Attendees get first choice to pre-register than after that postings are made for any open positions.  I believe they do make a wait list also.  Great event.  You are well taken care of - they do it up right!

April is our Tulip Time on the Rhine riverboat stitching cruise - also sold out.  Check below for more upcoming travel details.

May 14-18ish we will be in Florida!  We will be visiting The Black Sheep in Orlando and teaching a couple techniques classes and this wonderful Wacky Flamingo by Amanda Lawford for a 2-day project.
Contact Anne at The Black Sheep and get signed up!  We are going to have a great time.

Then after Florida we are heading to Tucson for the ANG National Seminar where we are teaching the Crazy Needles Journey because of stitches named for various countries/nationalities - French, Dutch, Paris - and Flags of Glory.  Both these projects offer ribbon, beads, silks and many beautiful threads and techniques out the wazhoo!

Go to under events - seminar - and register.  We'd love to have you join us!


Next week we will be sharing stitches in our current classes, At The Seashore by Sandra Gilmore and Fall Welcome Wreath by PLD designs.  All invoices have been forwarded and processed.  All invitations to join the FB group have been sent to those who processed payment.  If you believe you have paid and did not receive an invitation to join the group please email me right away to  If you paid and did not receive your invitation to the secret Facebook Page please email me right away at (get that, same address, hmm). Don't want you to miss anything.  Session 1 for At The Seashore has been posted and thread list and legend has been added to the Fall Welcome Wreath group getting ready for Session 1 in a few days. Yes, you may still join us if you desire.

We have active registration for Kissmas Eve

Lovable Llama  (be still my heart)

Noah's ark

                                 PICTURE SOON - WORTH WAITING FOR!

Bathing Beauty 


Well everyone is busy in this group.  We have been selecting our excursions, deciding what to bring to play with (I mean stitch on), waiting for us to send you your invoices for the kits and getting the kits out.  On the travel side also it is time to double check that you have registered with UniWorld.

Conversations are back and forth with Hawaii and excitement continues to build.  We are still waiting for hotel information from the cruise line - more on that later.

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

Have you checked out our Etsy Shop at duodesignsbySandra?  We have been bringing over more and more stitch guides to the selection.  There are also surplus canvases from previous classes and some of my favorite items that my students cannot readily fine such as the great quality roving wool from Clover!   Right now JP Needlepoint's bunnies, kitties and doggies are running up front in the stitch guide category.

PAY IT FORWARD - Hearts A to Z Sampler

Free stitches for you to experience. New stitch posted each weekend.


Here I have used two different thread colors.  You could also use maybe a metallic and silk for different textures.  A good stitch to give you a directional focal line. Play!

Until next week - be sure to check out Maine!  It is a wonderful opportunity and a new venue.

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