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FEB 22


NAN Assembly is March 20-24 in Troy, Michigan. The online brochure erroneously listed one of my classes - Winter Cardinal - as being on Congress Cloth. It is actually painted on 18ct. Although registration is officially closed I have been given permission to accept a few more students in this class if more want in. Just contact us at NAN registration or email me at Must receive by March 8.


Oh boy! Oh boy!  Canvases have arrived!  YAY!  Our optional class kits are being finalized!  We have invoiced those who expressed the desire to take this class.  Kits will be mailed as ready and as payments are processed.


                         THIS    +   THIS  +  THIS   =   THIS!
There is still time to join in this class if you wish to participate.  Otherwise be sure to bring a doodle cloth in case you want to experiment.


We will be off soon to Needle Nook of LaJolla for their annual retreat.  Always so much fun and almost like an annual reunion as so many return each year.

After LaJolla we teach at the NAN Assembly.  Although registration closed mid-January I understand that it might be possible to still get into some classes.  Don't give up yet if there is a class you would like to attend.  This event is held in Troy, Michigan on March 20-24.  Lots of fun and diverse classes!

I just notice a terrible oversight on my part on my Winter Cardinal class.  In the brochure the ground is shown as Congress Cloth which is incorrect.  The ground is 18ct mono canvas.  You can still get in this class if you would like to join me in Troy.  (I can 'borrow' a kit from the next schedule of classes for this guy.)

Go check out the classes and registration form at

April, of course, has our Tulip Time on the Rhine riverboat stitching adventure.  Sold out and can't wait.

Then in May we head to Florida.  The Black Sheep in Orlando is taking registration for two classes we are teaching.  First is a 2-day techniques class on hair!  This is May 14 and 15.

On Saturday and Sunday we play with Wacky Flamingos!  Boy does the name fit this design!

We play with silks, ribbons, beads, funky threads and funky stitches!  Fun, Fun, Fun.

Contact Anne at and sign up to play with us.

In August we head to Tucson and teach at the ANG National Seminar. This is held August 6-10, 2020.  Registration opens in just over a week - MARCH 2! Wow!  That is just around the corner!

Flags of Glory will be taught on August 6 and 7, 2020.

We have ribbon, beads, wonderful threads and techniques to share.

Crazy Quilt Journey is taught on August 8 and 9th.

Again there will be ribbons and beads.  This piece is named because of the stitches used - places such as France, Netherlands, Paris, etc.   Visit the site and be sure to register early beginning March 2!

From the ANG Seminar we go directly to Minnesota for a retreat beginning August 12.  We will be teaching a couple of one-day techniques classes:  Conventional Techniques using Unconventional Resources and Can Do Hairdos.  We will begin the retreat by opening with Winter Cardinal for 2 days, Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday and Saturday will be for the techniques classes.

September we hope to be able to participate in Destination Dallas this year.  We have tried to do so for a couple of years now so maybe this is the year!  Fingers crossed!

And in October we have the opportunity to help introduce a new adventure.  A Maine Retreat right on the Coast in the Fall nonetheless!  This promises to be such a beautiful escape and we are very anxious to participate.

Register right away as there are limited spots! You also need to cast your vote for the pieces you'd like to see offered for classes.

ETSY Shop - duodesignsbySandra

Felting is becoming more and more popular as people become more comfortable with it.  I introduced needle felting on needlework in some of my classes many years ago.  One of the most popular designs was the Wizard of Paws design by Brenda Stofft.  The cat was totally needle felted except for the eyes.  Many do not know that there is a great variance in wool roving.  My go-to roving is distributed by Clover.  It is beautifully soft and works well into the needlepoint design.  Go have a look at the colors we have available in our Etsy shop - duodesignsbySandra.  Also have some of my favorite tools that we use in class listed as well.

PAY IT FORWARD - Hearts A to Z Sampler freebie

This week we share the horizontal variation of the Greek stitch.


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