Sunday, February 16, 2020

FEB 15

Valentine's Day !  We used to make our valentines with paper doilies and red construction paper.  Our teacher could buy enough supplies for every student to be able to make multiple valentines for the amount of money one spends on one store-bought valentine today.


Today is the magic 15 number!  We share our February sessions with our students.

First up is At The Seashore from Sandra Gilmore.  This month we worked on the flooring.  I love, love the rug!

Fall Welcome Wreath  made its debut this month for its first session. We completed the background in a solid stitch for those who like such coverage.  Gotta mix it up a little because I tend to use a lot of open background.

We threw a little excitement into the mix when we worked on the wreath.  

Some new challenges for the stitchers on this section of the canvas!  I'm willing to bet you haven't seen a wreath like this one on a canvas! What fun!

Registration is going well for the next classes in que.   Mid-May will have the introduction of a new class - Kissmas Eve.

Lovable Llama registration is for his class which will begin mid-July.

                    Both classes are going to be 6 sessions and the lesson packet is $150.

Bathing Beauty  now has a name:  Just Add Water:

I suspect t this gal was chosen because of so many similarities to the first one Just A Sip and the desire to have a companion piece to hang as a pair.  There will be several duplicate techniques for those who took the first class.  I notice there are several new people too so these will be new to them.  

Two by Two - by Strictly Christmas

WOW!  Would you look at all the work we are going to have on this precious piece?  I understand it is off to the painters.  I can't wait to get my hands on one. Wherever will we begin?

Once I get this piece broken down into sections I will have a better feel for the number of classes I want to present it in -- gut feeling is at least 8 - maybe 10 max.  More later!  Anyway we are starting a list of those who want to be notified when the class starts.  At the moment this cutie is slated for mid-September.  Send your desire to join us to


We are excited to be teaching at NAN in Troy, MI.  Hope you got registered and we will see you there.

In May, after we get back from the Needle Nook of LaJolla retreat and after our Stitching Cruise down the Rhine we will e hosted by The Black Sheep in Orlando.  We have a 2-day techniques class and a 2-day project class.  Just look at these fun guys!


The response to the Maine Retreat is very, very exciting! Have you placed your vote in the poll yet?  Visitors who register are asked to mark their first, second and third choices for their class time at this fantastic venue. Be sure to register early as space is limited. Can't wait to see what you have chosen for possible classes.  I, of course, have a few that I am partial too - Peanut Butter and Jelly, Summer Rain and the Row Boat just to name a few and, and, and . . .

The feedback I am getting has Peanut Butter and Jelly with a slight lead!  Be sure to cast your vote!

There's gonna be lots of thread painting on these guys.  I also see some ribbon involved as well as beads! Threads are on their way to be auditioned for our fun time in Maine!


Each week brings a reminder that we are getting closer and closer to our wonderful stitching riverboat cruise Tulip Time on the Rhine.  Our agent kindly reminded us that we need to get our registration in with the cruise line - UniWorld.  Check!

I also got word this week that my painted canvases will be on their way shortly!  I am so excited!  I'll be sending invoices this coming week for those who want to participate in this optional class. Still time to join if you don’t want to miss out.  A wonderful reminder and memory maker!

Windmill and Tulips

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

I love the activity my shop is experiencing.  It is great to be able to place some of these class surplus items into the hands of others and get them out of the drawers where they become obscure and forgotten.  Be sure to hop over and check it out - there may be something there you are looking for.

Currently we have one canvas left from The Songbirds by Danji and one canvas for the current Online Class At The Seashore by Sandra Gilmore.

The major purpose of this shop, however, is to share various Stitch Guides with those seeking them.  Each week I try to go back and add another from the archives.  Slowly the inventory is building.  But at least they do provide instant gratification in that they are downloaded right away.

PAY IT FORWARD - Hearts A to Z Sampler 

These weeks are just zooming by!  Hope you are enjoying the sampler.  I am not getting much feedback so don't know if it is worth the time I am investing in providing these or now.  We'll just wait and see.

Weekly free stitch share.


If using stranded threads for this stitch it is very important to lay the threads to get a beautiful finish.  This stitch makes great baskets, blankets, solid backgrounds, etc.


Barbara J said...

Please know that the hearts series is very much appreciated. I have never seen where to comment. Please feel that it is worth your effort. After I have a few collected, I hope to start the stitching.
You do beautiful work and I think it is VERY nice of you to share this series. The alphabet is a fun idea that only you could come up with.

Sandy Arthur said...

Thank you Barbara! Good to know~! Hav a great week!

Sheena said...

Folks may not say but we all love your Heart series. I look forward to the new stitch each week. Thanks for sharing����