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WOW - I know, can you believe it?

So to start the new year off right I am going to share my version of Paying it Forward.  I am sharing with you - my followers - this fun class called Hearts A to Z.  I developed this class as a way for shops to be able to share some quick stitch tutorials to develop their business relationships. This developed into a class later. I toyed with the idea and then I thought why not develop stitches that begin with the letters of the alphabet?  This would provide 26+ opportunities for interaction with customers plus the background, etc.

(This is sorta similar to a class I'm teaching at ANG Seminar this August in AZ entitled Crazy Needles Journey. The Journey came about because the sampler-type design is made up of many stitches that have a place connection - Dutch, French, Japan, etc. )

So here we go!  READY?

NOTE:  Model was stitched on 18ct Zweigart orange line mono canvas.  The design area is 6.5" x 12" approximately.  For ease in stitching, framing, etc., the cut canvas used was 12" x 16".

First up: what do you need and how can you get ready to begin. Note that in this post we will already be sharing three stitches that are used in addition to the 26 representing letters of the alphabet.  It is suggested that you read through these pages a couple of times to grasp the concept of what we will be doing.  Feel free to ask for clarification when needed.  You may Email me at - click in the upper right corner to enlarge and print this document if desired.  A more detailed document on compensation will be posted with next week's share.


As many of you are aware Duo Designs has 5 published books for the needleworker.  Two of these books are also available as apps.  Because of the interest in the free Hearts A to Z Sampler we have several new people joining us who may not be aware of these wonderful resources.  Shapes of Needlepoint comes in a Series of 4 publications.  Check out the individual volumes as well as a group price special over on our Etsy Shop - duodesignsbySandra.  Also available at select LNS.

Sample Page

Series I and II of Shapes are available as apps - look to the column on the right of this blog and there are direct links to ordering these two apps.

A fifth book is one we published in our new pocketbook series and is entitled Can Do Hairdos.  This book is also available in our Etsy Shop. Also available at select LNS.

                                                         Sample Page

Online Mystery Classes 

In a few days we will begin our first new Online Mystery Class for 2020.  At the Seashore is a Sandra Gilmore design.

You still may sign up for participation in this class.  The six-lesson packet is $150 and the first lesson is to be posted mid-month.  Drop us an email at if you would like to be included. In these classes you are encouraged to purchase your canvas and material needs from your LNS.  If you need assistance, however we do work with shops to assure that proper kit supplies are prepared for those requesting assistance. Scroll down through previous posts and get information on other classes being offered through this venue.

Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures

April 16, 2020!    This upcoming adventure is just around the corner.  As we advised earlier the trip is a complete sell out.  I am so sad that some did not make the decision in time to join us.  However - - - - be prepared!  The next adventure is just around the corner!  Our Hawaiian Island Hopping is fast approaching and details will be released soon.  The ad is almost finished for Needlepoint Now and other finishing touches are in progress.  If not already following, be sure to join Needles 'N Fins Stitching Adventures facebook page to get updates as they occur.

So look out 2020!  Here we come!

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Nicole M said...

This pattern look like so much fun. I can't wait to start on it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.