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We are preparing to begin our new sessions for 2020.  As we move forward on our classes, we are making an effort to trim down the number of projects we feature.  This will afford the participants more time to devote to each project and not become overwhelmed.  Remember if you have a project you would like to be considered for the group send an email together with a picture of the project and the name of the designer to and we'll look it over.

2020 brings in our final session for Just A Sip.  
This gal has been such fun to develop and next week we will share with you some peeks of the last session.  We are trying to decide if we need to do a second picture to join her for a pair but need input from you.  As you know I need a commitment of 20 people to sign up first of all.  Second I need to have feedback which of the other ladies we should choose.  Email me with your choices so we can determine if there is enough interest and if so for which design. (Sorry for the duplication - don't know how to delete the second set - hmmm.)
Next we will begin our first lesson in At The Seashore by Sandra Gilmore.

The next new class will be the Fall Welcome Wreath with Scarecrow!  This cute guy has so much to offer and a ton of threads to consider. We will be sending invoices for the lesson packet in the next few days.  There is still time to sign up as the first lesson doesn't begin until mid-February.

And of course the cute cute cute Kissmas Eve which begins mid-May.

For any of these classes just send email to and we'll get you included!

New Designer for Online Mystery Classes 

We just could not resist Gayla Elliott's whimsical designs any longer when this guy came across our monitor.  Is this Llama not just about the cutest thing you've seen today? What a personality!

He's painted on 13ct canvas.  We have added him to the agenda to tentatively begin mid-July 2020!  If you wish to participate just email us at and we'll add you to the list.

ETSY SHOP - duodesignsbySandra

We have added some Aida cloth in our shop for your cross stitchers.  This is 18ct white from Zweigart.  It is cut approx. 16.5" x 20.5"  Each individual cut is $4.00 plus $4.75 shipping/handling.  Fabric will be folded to fit envelope. US shipping only!  There is a free weekly class out there on blackwork that this would work perfectly for.

Most of our Etsy items are surplus from class kits, etc.  so are very limited in quantities.  Once they are gone they are gone!

Pay it Forward - Hearts A to Z Sampler

It is time for our second week in the Pay it Forward section.  We begin with a share of an easy method to determine where to place compensation stitches.  Almost every heart will require some compensation.

For our first stitch block we acknowledge the letter 'A'.  Our stitch choice is the Algerian Eyelet.  As stated on the document, all even numbered stitches share the center hole.  You might need to use your laying tool, an awl, large darning needle, etc., to gently enlarge the hole to accommodate all the threads.  So due to the center bulk, when selecting your thread you might consider a thinner textured thread such as Impressions, size 12 pearl cotton, 2 ply of floss, whatever you have that is handy.

This diagram eliminates the need for compensation because I have numbered each stitch precisely where it is to be placed to create the heart shape.  The diagrams are well-made and should make it very easy for you to count canvas threads.  Notice that '1' is 2 canvas threads down and 4 canvas threads in from the right side of your block.

Remember when doing an eyelet that you never pull your thread on the down motion - only on the up.  This means when you bring your thread up at '3' that is when you will gently pull your thread.  Pulling the thread is what creates the hole in the center for the eyelets.

BTW I have no intention of making this series a class but the teacher in me cannot help but throw in some suggestions as I want you to succeed!

The Algerian Eyelet heart as stitched.  I believe I might have used YLI Ribbon Floss on this square.

This is the white square stitched:

That's it for this go around.  Have a wonderful week everyone and remember to Stitch with a Smile!

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